Heart Rate Chart for everyone

Hi everyone, I am including the heart rate chart for all you active lifestyle people out there, well some of you might already know what to do with a heart rate chart but I am sure that not everyone will know, so let me share my knowledge on what I know about Heart Rate. So first of all if you really would like to have a change of lifestyle, I sincerely would say that you should invest in a HRM which stands for Heart Rate Monitor, a good one at it, as it doubles as a watch as well. but in recent years manufacturers have come out with devices which are not watches but its quite nifty for example micoach by Adidas, but just to name a the top 2 they are:

1) Polar
2) Timex

I have used a Polar and Nike from previous before and I found that its really invaluable to our training regime, follow your heart and listen to your heart, I am sure you will be please with your results in the end, give your self some time, you resting heart rate *RHR* would not be very good for a start but you will see it improves gradually when you train properly. I use to have a RHR of 45bpm – 60bpm when I am doing nothing, but after a long hiatus from my training I guess its back to an average person of 70bpm – 80bpm. I am still searching for a right HRM to buy and I kinda guess what I am going to buy already so wait for the next blogpost on it. So here today I am going to share with you the training HR chart: below you will be two charts for example and will explain in brief.

The first chart with colors is easier to look at as it gives you your age and the stage of targeted training that you would want to be on. Just to give you a brief on the first chart, lets take my age, I am 25 *AHEM*  *COUGH* winds got my chills .. and I want to start a weight losing regime so first look out for your age group category, then look at the intended category you want to be at, for me its the weight lost zone, So first you would want to warm up and gradually increase your heart pulse to 50% – 65% of that area. IMHO I have trained from a 80kg fatboy to a 63kg with 13% body fat following a good diet and training regime by following my heart. SERIOUS ! ok dont get confused with the second chart below the colored chart.That chart is more intended for athletes as you see they have a recovery period instead of a fat burning zone.

Well I dont expect you to run out and buy a HRM now at this instant, try going out for a daily run maybe once a week, ask yourself after that run do you feel more energized? do you feel alert and able to do daily task with out feeling tired, if you answer yes to all, you are on your way to a better lifestyle, but in any case you feel you would like to buy one and dont know how to start do feel free to email me or leave me a comment. I am sure I would be able to give you some advise. Cheers !


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