Garmin FR60 Unboxing

Its here, its finally here. Well not really here but I went out and bought it, my last two HRM died on me, well i mean the watch and the strap died on me, The first was a POLAR watch, and it was a gift given by a member in the gym that I used to work in, She handed it to me to ensure I improve my training, We were discussing about training and heart rate as she was using the elliptical trainer, We always compare notes on training, and training technique when training clients. so Thanks Morna, it had served me well over 2 years till it died on me, dont worry I still have it.So after the first one died on me, I went out to get a second one which was my Nike Triax HRM, that didnt serve me well cause I went out and bought it in haste, the best part it was that it only tells me the HR, not even calories, not even the DATE !! yes no date, time and HR thats about it, but then after one of my morning race guess what “smart me” I had a change of clothes and left my heart strap on the front of my car, So while driving half way on the highway, I could see the strap slide away in front of my eyes. So I was like OOOOOO MMMMYYYY GAAWWWDDD !! i wanted to slam on my break and pick it up but it was on the middle of the FREAKING highway, so told my self to forget it.

Ok here is the unboxing of my new toy, cost a bomb to get it. here it is:

that is the box of the watch, pretty neat I might say, and the small little nifty thing on the side is a footpod.

The whole package consist of a watch, chest strap, a footpod and a ANT, the ant is a wireless transfer, seriously its quite hightech these days, HRM use to be just a watch and a strap, it only tells you a few data, but guess what, these day this watches are like computers, they tell you everything, it tells you your laptime for over 20hours, a virtual partner for training, GPS, foot strike, speed, cadence, and even if your baby is a boy or girl, ok I was just kidding about the last one. Anyway I only have had it for two days and so far, its totally great, I am getting overly crazy with running again and I can assure I wanna do a better for my marathon this year, So far I have signed up for 3 Marathon, so far I think Singapore only have 2 so far, I am looking for nearby Marathon events like Thailand and Hong Kong. hope I am able to complete my resolution for 2010 by finishing 5 marathons this year, So far in the pipeline and not counting the one I have done.1) Starhub Urban Run *6.5km
2) 2xU Compression Run *12km
3) Passion Run *25km
3.1) Adidas Sundown Marathon *42km
4) Stan Chart KL marathon *42km
5) Newton Run *30km
6) Nike RUN *10km
7) Salomon Xtrail *10km
8) Genting Trailblazer *10km
9) Legs & Paddles *5km Kayak + *7km run
10) Stan Chart Sing Marathon *42km

11) Mizuno Mt Faber Run *10km
12) New Balance Real Run *10km

Hope to see you guys on race days. Oh if you wondering how come this time my races do not involve triathlon or duathlon its because I have not found my bike yet, can’t seem to find a proper bike. Well there are a few but its way off my budget. Going to sleep now, see you guys in a few more hours and best of all TRAIN HARD and HAVE FUN !



2 responses

  1. Alvin

    You have 5 ‘So fars’ in this article…


    30/03/2010 at 1:28 am

  2. Isaac

    have 5 of what ? Marathon ? no la. only 3..


    30/03/2010 at 1:51 am

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