Garmin Connect and its features

Been trying out the new gadget that I just bought 2 days ago, have already clocked about 15km on my runs ever since, pushing my self way to hard I guess, but who cares, that’s human but I am someone that like to push myself to the edge and see how far I go, sometimes I feel to the extent of no return.. anyway this is about the new toy that I just got and it comes with this neat software called Training Center which totally I would not use *dont know how to use it actually* Went online and got myself a Garmin Connect program which is way easier to understand than the Garmin Training Center, actually the data are the same its the features of the training center that got my head spinning.

Lemme show you what Garmin Connect looks like

This my friends is the dashboard, shows you practically what you have done in the few days or rather the whole month

This is the Calender and its my favourite for being a motivational tool, after every run, the Watch will wireless transfer all training data of the day into the dashboard as well as every tab in the Garmin connect, I love this as being the best motivational tool as it tally’s the total of your time, runs etc.etc. on the side, you can display the activities, the weight, the goals and weekly total, and that’s not all

This has got to be one of my favourite feature in the Garmin Connect, it allows you to set your goals and it tracks it after your run, If you look close enough you can see that one of them is already at 58% that was set yesterday, its to run 21km within 30days but looks like tomorrow its already going to be done, I dont do high mileage like some people but when I train its usually a 10km slow run everyday. I just created two more goals to achieve, one is what I call Run for time which I am needed to run 15hrs within 7 days, you do the math how many hours a day, and the last goal is called the "Mr 1kg of Blubber" this is a more realistic goal where I am needed to burn 7700calories which is equivalent to 1kg of FATS ! yes 7700 calories is 1kg of fats. Here is how i derive to the math

1 Kg of fat?

1 Kg is 2.2 lbs and 1 lb is 3500 calories, so 1 Kg is 3500 X 2.2= 7700

so yup, losing weight is a life process and not go to a doctor to suck it all out with a sucking metal, or worst going to those fat loss clinic where they say they going to help you and such, but are they really ??! You have to motive yourself to see the improvement over time, its not going to come easy, its not going to come tomorrow, my mentor once told me this, you doing gain all those *fats* in a day and you sure ain’t going to lose it in a day.
So I hope you were not bored with me and my talks on Garmin features, what can I say its a pretty cool toy.


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