Support “Share our Roads”

Hi Guys Please all support this, as cycling in Singapore is definitely not a safe thing, I was honked at for no reason as I was cycling down Temasek Boulevard, cars always give dirty stares and all, maybe they are jealous that they can’t have all the fun and they have to be stuck in their lousy 4 wheeler breathing down their own smell instead of us cyclist enjoying the scenery and having *erm* fresh air ? cant really say that, but anyway this is how we support the movement.

What intends to do (Campaign Plan)
1) Distribute up to 900 decals free (1st round) to all who are willing to put up on their vehicles.

2) To get everyone to put up for a cause, a photo gallery (showroom) will be set up for our members (or any other people) to upload the decals stuck on the car as "evidence".

3) We aim at least 300 of such photos to be uploaded to make this awareness campaign a publicly visible and successful one.

4) Create a permanent page feature with regards to cycling safety and how drivers can drive responsibly to minimise if not elminate unfortunate accidents all together.

If you have access to safety material/information with regards to driving and cycling on public roads, please send an email to

5) Create a fixed feature and have consistent banner/EDM runs on and other partner web portals and publications to raise awareness.

If you are a media owner or someone who can help in raising awareness on any media platform such as outdoor advertising, magazines, blogs, twitter pages, facebook pages etc, please send an email to We want to work with you.

How do I pre-order my decals?
You may request for your decals here on this thread.

Where do I get the decals?
Once the decals are printed by 5th April 2010, we will distribute them at various locations to be announced later after office hours.

This page will be updated as things progress. So lets us all support it !


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