Train you Heart

Today is "GOOD FRIDAY" and I would like to wish all of you guys who celebrates GOOD FRIDAY a happy … er….FRIDAY ? to us who don’t celebrate good friday, it means a GOOD FRIDAY cause its a HOLIDAY ! and most people are enjoying this day cause of you guys who celebrates it.. THANK YOU THANK YOU !! the time now is 2am in the morning and …

I just got back from my morning run, went out at about 1am in the morning, this is in conjunction with the Adidas Sundown run, where we start our marathon at 12am in the morning, so if you arent fast enough, you would be finishing early in the morning just in time for kopitiam to open for you, anyway you guys must think that i am crazy to be running so early in the morning, and that I will be the crazy loony guy running alone in the street this late at night. Guess you are wrong, I’ve seen a few runners on the street awhile ago, Didnt want to do a long run, wanted to do a 4mile run which is 10km but I got to do some stuff later. anyway just testing out the Garmin product website, it allows us to embed our information on our website, I am just going to put up the run just now, dont worry I am not those maniac who is going to post everyday * or maybe I should 😛  well take a look at the Garmin Connect attached below

Well I am going to hit the showers and head out, Will see how it goes soon, race coming up next week ! take care and have a good Run !


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