Bike Garage

Bike Storage has always pose a problem for users to store their bikes, but not those who own BIG bad ass houses where they have their own GARAGE ! where they stack their frames, their rims and their bikes all up in the garage, I wanted to build a garage for my house in Malaysia but I scrapped that Idea once I came back to Singapore, now I am living in a small bird nest, they call that in Singapore, it means an apartment basically, only the RICH lives in houses.

So for me, I have this huge long wall where I am figuring to convert it into my bike storage place, I am thinking 3 bikes to be hung on the wall, One is my tribike, my roadbike and my MTB and maybe a Fixie for color aesthetic, spruce up the house abit. I already have a retro bike which is a road bike but only 7 speed, it belongs to the 1980 era and its made of steel, I did not take a picture of it but its all chrome and has white tape and white saddle with white tyres. Awesome ride but Its too precious to be ridden on everytime.

Anyway, this is a 5 year project, lets see if I can make it come true, I am still looking for one guys picture, he had taken a picture of his garage and its exactly what I wanted, he hung all his deep section rims about 10 pair, his Cervelo tri bikes, and his cervelo mountain bike. Totally COOL ! cause its all red, MY

kinda color for any bike. Here are some pictures I got off the net on bike garage

cant really find it but this is one of the ideas I have in mind below, check it out.

Looks good doesnt it. well I dont want it to look good, I need it to be neat, I am kinda neat freak, so lets hope I can even plan to store it in the room even ! PRAY hard if I could win some money so It wont have to be so long! HEAR ME OUT MAN IN THE SKY ABOVE ! lets go ride a bike when I get some cash from lottery or some good Windfall ! har har


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