Starhub Freestyle Urban Run

Yesterday went for the Starhub urban run 6.5k *fun run* had no timing chip and all as this is totally a obstacle course where I figured it would be poorly constructed and how right I was, well lets start with the run report, went to the Padang to get ready as it was just after the rain and I had figured that its going to be a wet and muddy place. and so right. My NB racers caught so much mud that I think I had to throw it away, well wifey was there to support as always, She came with her slip on and thats why she could not maneuver around the Padang,  So before I went to the starting line was waiting for Felix to arrive, So I got a quick shot of wifey and myself. Camwhore time la what else

many things to see and do actually but the terrain was just terrible. So when I met up with Felix, we went to the start line as its a staggered start of 20 people by 30 sec. Whilst walking to the starting pen, I saw a familiar face while the other was taking a picture of him. I pinched his abs and he was startled to see me ! it was HELEN and IZHAR! 

my ex-colleague awesome to see familiar faces in race event, I remember I use to meet alot of familiar faces when I was doing my event back in Msia, it was just a familiar event where all of us will meet, I usually will see the local tri, runners and weekend warriors, so happy back then. I guess most of them would have forgotten me as I faded out of the scene and came over to a unfamiliar territory  I stumble upon a blog when I was looking for Ironman Langkawi 2010 and it was Stupe, he is also a triathlete, local runner and all, but it has been so long since we all met up I guess he also has forgotten who I am
He wrote a good writeup on his personal account for his Ironman 2010 click here "STUPE Incoherent Ramblings"

So back to race report, here is the race course for your guidance

I give up, i wrote a whole long blog on all the obstacle but it was wiped out due to some technical glitch ! ARGH !not going to post it up again !
will do so if I find time.

but the highlight of the day was this guy!! YUP, not sure who you are but you know what you were doing with your camera and angling it up at the bench! lucky my wife caught what you were doing, HEY stupid check your camera light before you even wanna take up skirt pictures ok ! if you see this, consider yourself lucky that I did not report you to the police !


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