Half Marathon Time

its funny when I put my this on my msn display 21k in 1hr 44min, and people msg me that WTF you made 21k in 1hr and 44min? not one but a couple, isnt that a normal nature for human to think of money first? but what about athlete ? they would know that the 21k is meant to say 21km, LOL i wish I can do both to be honest but its not my timing , I only aim to do a sub 2 for my coming 25km this May and a Sub 5 for my Marathon, its pretty slow timing but I will have to try, I have gain a considerable amount of weight after 3 years of low sedentary lifestyle. I am starting to pick up the pieces. Support me ok! I have sold my bike and I dont have one , so I am reduce to just my running, I use to do brick workout every alternate days, for you peeps who dont know what is brick workout, its to cycle then to run, I use to do that because of Malakoff, I had a pretty good time on the highway, I remember when I was already on my 30km route and this two jokers *Matt and Lawrence* drove up beside me and honked me in the middle of the highway. It was good memories till I sold my bike.

Well this time I am just concentrating on my running and going to lose those flabs around my waist, its pretty disgusting to be honest, from a 13% body fat to now 18% its just disgusting. well.. ONWARDS we go, Felix if you are reading this, you are really crazy to sign on the two run IMHO, but then again who cares we only live once, lets RUN !!

oh the world record for half marathon now is Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea, clocking 58:23 at the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon. This guys got a lungs of er…er.. i can’t even describe, he is virtually sprinting all the way. How do they do it ? total RESPECT


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