Dis-honesty and STUPID

My oh my if you would have found something which do not belong to you would you keep it? then go over to some place and purchase items for the item  you ahve found ? then only to find out you have been cheated by the shop owner who sold you the item ? Well one person was stupid enough to find a phone, purchase accessories for it and then found he was over charged and this is the one that takes the cake, HE REPORTED IT and even said that he FOUND the phone. How stupid can that be? well I wont further elaborate you can read it all here about his stupidity.

By The DigitalOne TechBot,

A gadget store at Lucky Plaza was alleged to have overcharged a customer some $300 more for phone accessories.

the customer returned to the store to dispute the bill, the shop staff
was said to have intimidated the man, and made him sign an agreement to
not further pursue the matter.

According to the Chinese evening
daily Lianhe Wanbao, it all started when Mr Chen Bing Yan found a
Blackberry smartphone in the restroom.

The 22-year-old decided to keep his find and went to Lucky Plaza to purchase accessories for the phone.

There, he approached a gadget shop and purchased a battery, screen protector, Micro SD card and a charger for $541.

It was only later that Mr Chen found out the items he purchased were only worth about $200.

then returned to the store to dispute the charges, but was instead
confronted by five of the shop’s staff. He told Lianhe Wanbao that the
staff had even asked him "What do you plan to do?" in a threatening

Later on, Mr Chen said that the shop staff wrote and
agreement and made him sign it. The note, written on a piece of
foolscap paper, was a promise not to further pursue the matter.

Convinced that he was in danger of being hurt, Mr Chen signed the agreement.

Mr Chen also received a multi-purpose charger worth $30 as a compensation for the overcharging

Shop was "blacklisted"

friend later told Mr Chen that the Blackberry phone he found was only
worth $500. The friend also told him that the store he visited was
famous for being "blacklisted" as one that overcharges unsuspecting

Mr Chen told Lianhe Wanbao that he was unaware of
the shop’s reputation at that time, and only visited that store because
he was in a hurry. He lamented that what he had spent on accessories
could actually buy the Blackberry phone he had found.

never seen this brand of phone before. When I found it, I thought it
was a very expensive model, so I did not find it out of the ordinary
when the shop quoted me that much for the Blackberry’s accessories. I
thought a more expensive phone would mean accessories that cost more.

"I was also in a hurry then, so I did not haggle over the price."

Micro SD cards at "seasonal price"

a Lianhe Wanbao reporter contacted the Lucky Plaza store about the
prices for BlackBerry accessories, the shop staff were unable to give
specific prices of the products in question.

The shop staff would only say that a Micro SD card was sold at a "seasonal price" when asked how much would one be selling for.

the reporter continued to press for answers, the salesperson at the
other end of the line appeared to sound agitated. He then said that he
does not know anything, and asked the reporter to visit the store for
more information on prices.

So how stupid can this guy get? he found it and he should just be quiet about it, so now the Police can actually look for him for keeping a property not rightfull his !


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