Waking up to the thought of

Woke up today to the thought of Boston Marathon, well I didnt really wake up to the thought of it but more like Slept with the thought of it, so just before I went to sleep I wished those Boston runners good luck and that was before their starting time then I hit the sack for a day of work. When I woke up my blackberry was blinking a red light as its notifying me of something, took a look and it was my twitter, scrolled through the update and found out that the Marathon had already finished, and what a time It was. The winner came in at a time of 2:05:52 sec and he is Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot ! even the top women Ethiopia’s Teyba Erkesso came in at a time of 2:26:11


Congratulations you guys were like a blazing bat out of hell, How can one person actually run in that kinda speed for 42km ? isn’t it amazing to know what a human can do if they under go training and put their mind into it. Well I am going to face my demon soon this coming May a 25km run and a 42km Night run ! let see what this human can do, guess will falter and out of wind by the 10km mark ! LOL seems to be the rain is killing my training, had no run for 2 days already and the last was just a short 4km distant, have not been doing my long distant run maybe cause of my shin, I was so worried that I have develop shin splits, but I have rested and massaged it. Looks like going to hit the long run today and only dream of being like those kenyan, I am wondering if I spray myself in black and shave my head bald, will I have the will power and speed like them ? only hoping ! but who knows maybe ..


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