Running Idea’s and Websites

I am still nursing my sore shins, I am wondering when will it recover,
have done alot of my stretching on my shins and I hope It will recover
well, It has been two days since I last ran, Sunday and Monday, have
rested on both days, Sunday I did go for a run but that was when I
realized about the pain, I am still not going to give in to the pain, I
am heading out today to sign up for the TRI-RUN happening this 11th
July its a half marathon. looks like Its going to get really packed for
my running schedule, but hey no pain no gain. Have started on my
strength exercise since I am down from running. Anyway I have already
packed up my bags and going for a run today at the track, just going to
do some light runs or maybe short intervals. I hope it doesn’t rain.

Anyway two races is going to happen in 2 more weeks ! so excited, oh I
would like to share this website I found when I was looking for more
ideas to ease my pain and also extra training. I just want to share
this with you all you runners out there, cause it has other info than
runner’s world website. take a look

The Runner’s Resource: Your Source For Great Running

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, and if you have other running
website that is worth taking a look do let me know ! Sharing is caring and If HOMER Can do it so can YOU ! catch ya guys later


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