A-Hole drivers award goes to

I was headed to JB yesterday again and knowing it was a weekend and there will surely be high volume of traffic in the Woodland customs, I had prepared mentally and physically *in  case need to fight* when driving there, As usual it will definitely be jammed so if you know  Woodland checkpoint very well but I would like to highlight to those IDIOT drivers who always take in the middle lane when going to the checkpoint, This lane is very stressful if you need to know, this lane a favourite for idiots and expert drivers, expert in tailgating the front car so that the F-up drivers do. So if you look carefully at the most right corner there is only 2 row of cars, as in the far back there is 3 rows of car, the 1st row is for turning into woodland central, and the other 2 is for you to drive on to the viaduct and to the customs. So as I was saying if you are driving in the middle lane, ensure that your blood pressure level is substantially on the low side so that it will have enough room to boil over.

I was one of those guys that was stuck on that middle lane, Knowing
enough that it will cause this, but I had no choice I was stuck when
driving from SLE, so I had to battle it out, as usual I would be
tailgating closely enough so no cars would be able to come in, then while waiting in the line I had my car on Neutral, and it slipped me
when the lights turn green, this Probation driver was kind enough to
hold their hand out and wanted to cut in, so mistake 1. was that my
car was in N if not I would have not even let her pass, so In she came,
and wow .. conveniently another car tailgated her an wanted to ram in
his way, TYPICAL uncle, gave a WTF look to them and I tailgated close
enough so that he can’t even move in. Sorry to say I have better
tailgating skills than U! but that probation driver takes the cake ! I
WAS SO MAD that she started giving ppl way to cut into the lane ! I WAS
LIKE WTF !!! I was holding the fort and come this A-hole giving way?
she looked back at her rear view mirror and she know I was pointing at
her, in the end I took the last lane and sped off. I am blogging this
is not about the probation girl, but its about those F-up drivers that
dont wait in line an just conveniently cuts in the que, what give you
the right to do that?

ok Singaporean drivers dont be mad at me for saying this, but I can say that you guys sure have tons of LOUSY drivers despite getting  your driver license is like graduating from Harvard with DISTINCTION. I am not saying everyone is lousy but there is a sure lot of them driving around. If not why would website like this come about

Parking Idiots . Com   (this website is about idiot people who can’t park their cars

STOMP (i know many is familiar with this website, yes there is a fair share of all this there)

So you can see that actually people are frustrated with drivers like this, why can’t you all just follow the rules at the checkpoint. If LTA could do something it would be good, just place a camera and fine those idiots for cutting lane. if not why even bother hiring so many of them but controlling traffic from the front, what happens at the back? you guys dont even care.

I always tell my friends that in Malaysia yes drivers are equally bad but when they crash, they crash hard and lose their life, but in Singapore, turn on the morning radio and you will hear plentiful of accidents daily on the road. Try tuning into KL city radio and see if you can hear 5 traffic accident a day? I won’t be surprised you wont. Anyway as saying this again, its not to compare how a good driver people are, just that this problem at the Woodland checkpoint need to be address to, there are just to many monkeys not following the rule PLEASE DO something about it .. pretty pleaseeeee…


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