Life worth living ?

Is life treating you hard ? is it not fair to see some people having better stuff than you ? you strive and strive to have the latest and newest gadgets accessories etc..etc.. but is life fair to others? you see that you own a Tag Heuer but you want to buy that ROLEX, you drive a Honda but you want to buy that Mercedes, well why not just give thanks and be thankful for what you already have? live life in your means, and just be greatful that we have a happy life. I feel that I already have a blessed life, a good family, a good wife, food on the table, clothes and roof over my head,

This guy sure did not have everything, All he wanted is to have a better life but instead..well read on, I really feel sorry for him, and only at age 42,  what does it take for one to earn a decent living while some spends a few thousand in a few hours on drinks at a nightclub. God Bless everyone and I hope the fella that had use him for construction will be brought to justice , and if not how can you life a life knowing that you thrown a the poor chap body into the drain ! you will have your penance served !

Worker’s body
dumped like a dog next to Changi drain

By Elysa Chen and R Nirmala

YOU wouldn’t have heard of Mr Chelladurai Lenin (below), 42, though
the second portion of his name would be familiar to socialists.

He is typical of the faceless illegal foreign labourers who sneak
into Singapore in search of a better life.

He had no papers, no rights, and no union to protect his interests.

All he had was hope.

But that, too, has been dashed.

There was no dignity in his life of hiding and no dignity in death.

His body was dumped by the side of a road – left to rot, after 10
years of working in Singapore.

A man in his 50s had hired him for contract jobs.

Mr Chelladurai fell from scaffolding at a construction site on March

His body was then left on the pavement along Upper Changi Road East.

It was found at 9.40pm that day.

He had died from a fractured skull and bleeding in his head,
according to his death certificate.

For the last decade, Mr Chelladurai’s wife, Madam Kunjathammal, who
lives in Chennai, had heard from her husband only once.

It was a five-minute call made on a mobile phone. Mr Chelladurai had
called her six months after arriving in Singapore to tell her that he
was doing well.

That phone call, 10 years ago, was the last time she heard his voice


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