Lost readers.. We had fun

I was reading back  on my archive blogged and it was funny how I have readers who come in to my blog and comment on me blog.

I wanna say that there was this particular *guy or girl* Which I will only know by his nick was sincerelylau or scholarlau as he would never fail to come in and comment on most of my post, it was pretty fun, till I’ve stopped blogging in 06, that time I was too busy and I had neglected the blogging portion, Hey dude or gal, Thanks for dropping by. I took the assumption that I will have you coming in, guess not, if you are reading this let me know.

and there were so many regular readers that I had that I never met, it was quite fun as we always bombard each other with comments.

I had a person with nick as … , Adrian , Jouville, elisa_the_pig and lots of others, but I never get to meet them or get to know them personally, this blog is for readers to know about my life, I am not posting a blog on popularity or to promote advertising, or having the goal of a million readers a day, Nah, it was never a popularity contest for me,  I don’t want that and never will

Now that I look back at my archive its pretty fun to know what I have done in the past. lots of encouragement from these people and it makes me wonder why I am still blogging, Thank You everyone that have been here ! you really make my day !

Sorry I don’t blog about hot cuties or post cute pictures like some to attract readership, that is so not me, and you won’t find the attraction of good English here as well. Just me and my rambling on my current situation that I want to blurt out. so Enjoy K.

Sincerely Lau if you are reading this, I remember you telling me that you want me to blog more of happy stuff, HAha, I remember when you wanted me to blog about beach the sun the babes broad shorts and even island escapade. I don’t know that if my blog has given you peeps the encouragement or some craziness in your life knowing that what a clown I have been, but its all good, There was once I was in a pretty bad mood in term of my studies, well now that’s all over, it may not be happy times all the while,. life is up and down ya .. but we have to fight our way to live our life ! so GANBATTE everyeone


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