One Good looking racing flats

K-swiss, most people will remember this brand as a tennis
shoe or casual wear

In fact most people will not know about this brand if you do
not follow the

American culture or following. What comes to your mind if
you are looking for a comfortable running shoes? ….. wait for it…




Am I right ? ?


The usual NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK and yadayadayada, why those
shoes are so popular

Its because they have done tons of advertising and did I
mention TONS ? yes TONS, and most of this money they have spent have gone into
the shoe pricing, well that’s a known fact, but yet we still buy them, why ? cause
of the design I tell you. So back to K Swiss

They are not known for branding in Asia,
they are not known to have awesome design shoes? Well I mean to majority
standards they are not well received


So doing my usual reading on shoes, I saw this shoe that
captured my eye, it had the wording of Ironman on the side, not that I am crazy
for the word or to advertise IRONMAN (oh mind you, this Ironman has nothing to
do with Robert Dwny Jr) it’s the gruesome race held in KONA, Hawaii. Not going
to explain that here if you don’t know.


So yeah, this shoe actually attracted my eyes and its one
hell of a great looking shoe, At last K-swiss came out with some awesome
looking shoe, I am not sure if it appeals to you but to me, Hell yeah! Not only
it comes in the word Ironman which is the limited edition

They have country flags as well, but Singapore and Malaysia don’t even dream of having
the flag flying on the side, I am sure you guys wont even buy it ! does the
word patriotic rings a bell? I guess not !





How does the shoe ride? Well I don’t know, If I happen to
have one I will let you know, but in the mean time I am going to look for a
K-swiss distributor and if the price is right I will get one ! maybe Japan
! looks Awesom. AHEM if K-Swiss want to sponsor me a pair I would gladly do a unbiased review of it, since I need a new pair of racing flats. *Hint*


3 responses

  1. I used a pair of K-Swiss Blade Light for my last triathlon season, and retired them at a Ironman 70.3 last August. The shoes are near perfect, light, flexible and comfortable a hard combination to find in such equilibrium.


    28/03/2016 at 4:59 pm

    • Hey Eric, I heard from the grapevine that Kswiss are great as runners but not lasting due to the rubber compound that they use, but definitely a good balance as a racing show as you said. How long did your pair last you?


      28/03/2016 at 6:33 pm

      • I have to agree, I’ve used for 1 year but mostly for racing and a few training sessions, despite the low mileage I felt the sole lost a lot of structure, that was the main reason why I retired it, the upper was still fairly ok.


        31/03/2016 at 7:31 pm

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