Good Old times

Girl and I went for lunch today at a authentic hokkien restaurant, firstly when you enter the shop you will notice that it has no fancy decoration, no white linen, but you definitely can feel the warmth of a family run restaurant, you will see posters of their dishes pasted on the wall, the the sound of kitchen cooking and the waitress all shouting *well maybe not shouting*  then you can see those fish tank and plates all places around the table.

But I am not talking about the restaurant or how good the food is, all I want to say is that when I was in that restaurant, you wont see any kids around, like Teenage kids, 25 and below, most certainly not, all the people dining in this restaurant are family and good old friends, me and girl feel abit awkward cause everyone is like family when they dine here, I can see the hey I know you, Hey you know me kinda stuff, Even one family coming in asking hey why boss not in today ar? wow .. seems like they eat there everyday. We had a plate of hokkien noodle, vegetable and Pork with Bun, I would say its a filling and satisfied experience, but in our conversation while eating out plate of hokkien noodle, I mention to girl that this noodle takes me YEARS Back to when I was like only 10 or no more than 13, me and my family would walk down to this guy we call HAI LAM, he also cooked great noodles dishes, We as a family would walk down to his shop which is like about 1km and back in the night, we would talk all sorts and I would run around the middle of the road cause it was like 10pm or so.. on a weekend. I kinda miss those time but I guess that’s why its call remembering good old times.

It was sure a family bonding experience, so I think all Hokkien people should bond over a plate of HOKKIEN NOODLE ! CHEERS !



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