Kids these days

We were at Felix’s place today going for a short easy run before our race this Saturday, Chew and me parked our car behind of Felix in his house porch, We were walking in when his kid named Ryan came over, He was driving his cute little battery powered convertable ferrari like car, I have to say he is a  Cute little boy with a awesome haircut, looks nothing like UGLY FELIX ! LOL just kidding, Ryan was surprise to see so many cars parked in the front of the porch, I would say he is quite a cute little boy but kinda shy towards strangers, Kids these days are like that, they have to warm up to you, so as Chew was talking to him he kinda opened up, we got our clothes and wanted to change into our running gear in the house,
As we approached the front door, Ryan came out of the front door and was looking at all the cars again, I made a statement saying, Hey which car do you like best? which colour, Chew’s Honda was Yellow, Mine was Black and His dad Felix was Metallic Grey, So Chew asked again, so ya which car you like best ? He mention yellow, I mention black. guess what was his answer? ……
Wait for it…..
wait for it…..
he answered loudly "RED"
for a while Chew and I was stumped, we were like, huh ? where got red car.. we saying no red car, then suddenly Chew realized it was his OWN CAR !! his cute little battery powered car was RED ! now thats what I call a intelligent kid, We got conned by a young boy !
Young boy : 1
2 idiot adults: 0 x 2 = 00
What can I say, Kids these days are too clever beyond words ! That will teach ya !

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