Delivering Happiness

Wow ….guess what, This must be my 3rd time blogging about this "Delivering Happiness" , it just kept getting errors on my MSN blogspot. I wonder why..
but all I know is that there is this book which is about to be publish and its called yup.. you got it .. "DELIVERING HAPPINESS"
I for one does not know how it looks like as its not even publish yet, but do wait for it as the anticipating wait will end on 7th of June.

I come to realize that this book is written by the one and only Tony Hseih who is the founder of, a little of what the content inside of the book is shown here, read on..

  • Pay new employees $2000 to quit.
  • Make customer service the responsibility of the entire
    company, not just a department.
  • Focus on company culture as the #1 priority.
  • Apply research from the science of happiness to running a
  • Help employees grow both personally and professionally.
  • Seek to change the world.
  • Oh, and make money too.

Doesn’t those caption just capture your eyes ?  LOL maybe after I read it, I will let you guys know whats it all about.. anyway as the saying goes Happiness is just a corner away !


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