Knowing your Shoe category

I understand that most people know are more knowledgeable when it comes to buying running shoes? I was in total clueless state before I started running back in the years? buying a shoe would go to the motion of … Oh Running shoe has worn out *usually sole would come off after wearing it for like 3 or 4 years and not due to running or any sports activity* , then head down to a shoe store, *usually BATA* and just pick a shoe that;s of fav colour and *price* that’s it and thats how simple it is,

But how many of you actually does this ? I am pretty sure quite a number still do, I am not saying it is the wrong way to pick a shoe, I can tell you why , it because most of the people buying shoes this way are not PURE runners, a shoe is just another pair of shoe to them., but if you are a runner you should pretty much know about pronation, over-prone, neutral.. etc..etc..  well I found a chart over the internet and its pretty good to know, I myself get confused when buying shoes, so here is the chart for your own knowledge.

ok I am having error to MSN website.. sheesh of all things and I still dont want to move my blog over to wordpress or blogspot. One day if MSN really gets on my nerve.. keep looking out at this space.. I will fill it in for sure !



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