One more day and I am back..

This Friday I am heading back to Malaysia for my dad’s Bday, well more like belated Bday. I was wondering what can I do in those 2 days on Saturday and Sunday. After much thought to it, I realized that I have like a gazillion thing to do and no time to finish them all, All this are activity that I use to do back in the days, a typical day would sound like this,

6:00am : Morning 5k run
7:00am: Brekkie with parent
8:00am: back to bed to rest
10:00am: Laps in the pool / Gym time
12pm – 2pm: hit the books
4:00pm: do my 30km Ride
5:00pm: 5k run
7pm – Late: Family time

Well that is the typical weekday. A weekend would look like this

8am: out to ride century ride with the group
2pm: back from bike ride and rest till evening.
5pm: 5k run
till late: family time
or either

10am – 3pm: either Rock climbing / Kayaking
5pm: 5k run
the rest is family time

I enjoy those days, I had a body 13% body fat ratio to 63kg body weight, never did a muscle composition check, but I was just lean,
These days I am like *tellytubby* someone mentioned that when he say a picture of me doing my 25k run recently, but I was telling him that its the angle of the picture, he didnt believe me, till he came and saw me, then he realize it was true, I may not be the 13% body fat I was back them, but I am sure I am no telly tubby ! a typical office day would look like this

8am – 6pm WORK in OFFICE
7pm: just enough time to squeeze a short run
8pm – Tired but still have to cook dinner
9pm – read up and surf the net,
11 or 12am: Hit the bed

Isn’t that a sad schedule, but its very true to a everyday regular worker, if family comes, more commitment will be added and I believe that you wont even have a "you" time. Its just going to be family time and thats it, nothing for yourself anymore.

Sad but true reality of life !


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