“UPS” = Usually Progress Slowly

I recently signed up for a bloggers program with http://www.deliveringhappinessbook.com/ and after about a week or so there was no news from them, I was thinking no worries, even if I don’t get the advance copy, I would just go out to my regular Borders and get one after it hits the store on the 7th of June, but as I came back yesterday from work, There was a note on my door stating of a failed delivery of 2 times from "UPS". TWO times? It was the first time I saw that sticker on my door stating of a delivery to be honest? so how could it be a 2nd attempt delivery ?


So today I called up the hotline and Ms. Chandra picked up my call, Kudos to those who had replied me like Mr Siva also, they have served me well over the phone, don’t get me wrong, I do conduct training for "SERVICES" for my company and even have been a couple of awards and certificates for excellent service from my previous companies. So we should always give compliments to those who provide exemplary service.

So here goes the conversation between me and Ms. Chandra

me         : Hi, I need to confirm on delivery timing
Ms.C    : Sure no worries
me         : What are the timing available after working hours
Ms.C     : Oh you work office hours and no one is at home? Can I arrange the delivery to 7-8pm
me         : Yeah,sure why not, Can I change it to 6pm onwards (smart me thinking that if I set a 6pm I would be able to receive it faster and go out for my run)          BIG mistake
Ms. C    : Sure how if I change it to 6 – 8pm (I answered in agreement)
Ms. C    : ok do wait for the delivery at home
me            : thanking her and hung up the phone

After 5 Pm, I quickly rushed home from work and waited in anticipation. So 6pm came and went, 7pm came and went. So I picked up my phone to start looking @Leonnyan previous post on one of his delivery servicing being screwed up.I just wanted to confirm if he was using UPS as well, and guess what IT WAS !! DAMM ! he was cursing like mad as well and now I understand his feelings! so 7:30 came and some of my friends already Twitted me telling me to call UPS and screw them up, but me coming from the service orientated side understands other people work processes and problems. Maybe Delivery was
stuck in the jam *given the benefit of the doubt* 

8pm came and nothing from UPS, took up my blackberry and started emailing the previous CSO who contacted me thru email and advise if I got the date wrong? I was still wondering if It was me who got the date wrong and not UPS… so I called their hotline again and Ms. Hamdi answered my call and was quick to call the operations ppl and guess what ? the operaions was not contactable, LOL ! man It got me thinking that UPS delivery system with a broken down communication. thats BAD !

All the time while waiting from 6pm – 8pm, I couldn’t go out for my daily run, or even my dinner, So I am just going to forgo my dinner and just
hope and pray that I don’t get gastric. Do you think I can sue them if I get gastric ??  any lawyers wanna comment? LOL

8:30 came and so did the delivery guy, well I didnt blow my top off at the delivery guy, I was even nice to ask him if he was stuck in a jam.
Well at least he apologized, but all this could have been better if ……..

I dont know if how many of you guys will know how to answer that? but I guess I do… but hey if you are service oriented you would know how to answer that question


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