Run Addict Thank You !

I have been reading a couple of books lately and I was following this group called @runaddicts, there were running a contest to win a novel, but aside from that lets talk about their website, they run a kewl website  (no pun intended) where they talk and breathe running ! its truly a website I like, Their website can be found at , All I can say is that when I enter their website the first thing that captured my eyes was they colour layout ! totally NIKE like, and i think they collaborate with Nike as well, not too sure, but all I can say is that they have got good article and great stuff to share. If you are a runner I am sure you would be following them or even follow them on twitter, check out the small preview of the website

So I was browsing on their website, I found out about this contest which was giving out a novel "Once a Runner"  and I instantly msged them asking if  the contest was still going on? I got a reply saying that Its already over, but I still retweeted the contest twit anyway because I was just a fan of their website, so win or no win it wont matter, cause we are all just runners.

I thought today was so just a ordinary day but its was different! How was it different? My Blackberry blinked with a notification from
non other than @runAddicts, it really made my weekend a GREAT Weekend !
it stated "Please send us your contact information. We’re
going to ship you a copy of ‘once a runner
" totally coool, Did I say thank you already ? well if I have not THANK YOU AGAIN ! anyway more about the "Once a Runner" , here is a short synopsis about it

Once a Runner
is a novel by author John L. Parker Jr.
and was first published in 1978 by Cedarwinds. In Once a Runner, Parker illustrates the hard work
and dedication that is required of an elite runner. Since its
publication, the novel has become a cult classic for competitive runners
of all abilities, but there are critics saying that this novel is only for the hard core runners!

Well @runaddicts is giving me the "Once a Runner" for free, or rather I feel an obligation to give them my review as Zappos had given me theirs to. Will finish the book on "Once a Runner" and do my review on it. I would like to thanks @runaddicts again for this opportunity,, b

I think this is a calling from the man above telling me to START Running again, Thanks and Many Thanks !


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