Readers Digest Sweepstake

How many of you have received the Readers Digest Sweepstake to be honest? I guess nearly everyone that reads this will say yes to it. Anyway I am always skeptical about this because I believe its just a scam to make you buy more books or magazine or DVD, I rather be buying stuff of than this website, But anyway to disperse this scam I will follow them till end of this year as they claim that I am very close to winning over $250.000. Lets see what happens. I bet you every dollar I have I will get Glitch ! NAda! ZeRo !! by end of this year.. they always say it so nice to tell you that you are the only 6 winners, blah blah blah, we are choosing one now, Win a Car.. the works. but they are not asking you or forcing you to buy their product its Your choice solely, I have been one of those but I always say hey no worries since I like to read and that book looks interesting enough, why not order it over mail catalogue and even get that Free gift they are offering. They say the free gift is exclusive to RD and its like very expensive and all, you will never believe what I go?? take a wild guess…

Yup a leaf shape saucer to dip my tomato sauce in it, and its made in CHINA Whoooppeeee.. i was so excited of this EXCITING AND EXCLUSIVE GIFT !! *thats not the actual picture* the real one is even smaller and made of cheaper clay !

Well.. I got RD email today saying that they have given me 6 more chance to be in the BIG SWEEPSTAKE ! WOOOOPPEEE AGAIN !!

So thinking I could win Additional Anniversary Privilege by winning a BRAND NEW CAR !! I will need to click there, so guess what.. if you click it it will bring you to a page of a car and non other than A BOOK, to see if you are interested in purchasing it to stand a chance to win a car, So far I have been asked to win this MAZDA 3, A PEUGEOT 308, MAZDA RX8, CITROEN and it all involves buying more books and no winners ever been announce..

Hey Readers Digest, If you ever select me as your winner, I am sure to tell the world this is not a scam ! lets see how it goes !


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