Where is the Spaces Live Statistics..

its been 6 days now since I’ve blogged, not finding the urge to blog because Spaces Live have taken away the Statistic box where we are able to see how many people visit our site everyday, As some people say that they would like to see the numbers coming in as they would know that its an inspiration for them to keep writing, and they are right? cause they know that people are reading their blog, as for me well it did hinder me in a way because I dont like to put a counter on the blog because its kinda like showing "hey look here I have like a Gazillion visitor coming to my site . I like to keep track of what topic interest people at the moment, when I post about Runs, I would see a pretty huge following, but when I post on my biking again, the number falls.. well I know what is at the interest of people at the moment, but then again LOL I am blogging for myself ! No pictures and update for this few days because family is visiting, bringing them around and will definitely have no time. Hve a great week !

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