People say that Salt is all about A.Jolie, But I dont think so, I am not watching it for her, I HATE her infact, to some she is like the god of beauty, I am the few who hates A.Jolie, to me she is either a Like or a Dislike, I hate her lips, ya the One thing that distinguish her as a Gorgeous gal, I prefer Liv Tyler’s lips. So people, Stop saying that guys are going to watch this movie cause of her.

I am watching this purely for the espionage, The trailer caught my attention when that Russian informant said these words,

R.A: "the killers name is Evelyn Salt"
E.S:  "My name is Evelyn Salt"
R.A: Then you are a Russian spy

WOOOHOOO !! now thats what I call a story to die for. Ok for those who dont know what I am talking about please do look for the trailer, or visit.

So yup, I already got preview tickets to the show, will let you all know if its worth watching. I am truly a sucker for espionage movie, I can name a few, The ever Classic, James Bond, Bourne Identity, The Saint, Austin Power, etc..etc.. you get me if you are a fan as well !


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