Selected Cars only need to apply !

I think I have posted this before saying that if you are a Singapore registered car driving into the Highway of 1Malaysia, 
you are definitely to be booked. I am still right till proven wrong,Guess what, today as I was heading up north to celebrate
my mum's bday at Malacca, dad wanted to have a short getaway from home town, so he suggested malacca as the central
area. So as I was driving down the highway of the gifted, and knowing their celebration *Hari Raya is close by,
as a Malaysian we would understand that there is most certain to be road block everyday till Raya.

So cautiously driving, keeping the speed limit at 100km to 110km, even knowing that there is a speed excess buffer of 10km,
I still drive within the 100km mark. Drivers from the opposite direction was already warning that there is an ambush/operation
going on, so I was even more keen to prove my theory wrong.

After about 20km down, there was this road block as predicted, and this police officer asked me to move to the
side cautioning that I had done a boo boo, but before he did that he had to go through a list of cars that had been
over the speed limit. I could see his face that my number was for sure not in there, he had the face like WTH!?
Foreign car never speed? I could see it in his eyes that after he saw a young guy behind the wheel of a big car,
he saw $$$$. That's why he had a pause before confidently asking me over. (Too bad he didn't know I am local)

Pulled over by this officer called Encik ARI, never bothered to even look at his badge number,
he greeted me happily and he thinks he is going to get some $$$$, asked for my driving license and ID.
Now why would u wan to see my ID, if its a traffic offence?

So this is what happened.......

Me: so what is the problem sir?

OFF: you drover way pass 128km, 10km before.

Me: are u sure? I was watching my meter all the while.

OFF: yes I am sure if not why would ur car number be here, ( mistake #1:yeah right, its not you who takes down the number, it was the guy up front)

Me: oh ok if u say so. Then book me.

OFF: *keeps quiet, holding my I'd pretending to write

Me: so are you done?

OFF: open up ur window behind (mistake #2: if ur stopping me for speeding offence, why need to go to my stuff?, obviously he is trying to find fault)

OFF: You LOCAL? (Duh, isn't that obvious, ur holding my ID) and he went silent again.

Me: sir even my GPS logs my speed of the car

OFF: WAT u have this? This is against the law (he quoted under Akta kommunikasi this is illegal)
mistake #3 you are just trying to find fault here, telling me that this item is a speed detector, and even claims he has one, (am sure he don't even knw what he is holding)

OFF: didn't u see the papers 3 days ago

Me: Sir, do I look like I would be able to obtain the local papers. (he looked stunned)

*officer looking pissed, hands me my ID, and license, tells me that the ticket will be sent to my hse Mistake #4: you were busy going through
all my stuff and talking to me, u didn't even write down my details how are u going to do that?
Mistake #5: you are suppose to issue the summon on the spot and not say it will be sent over, if it can be sent over they don't need to station you guys
over there.

If any of u police are reading this, the next time round, I am going to make a documentary out of this to prove that my theory is correct.
So please if you guys are there to protect and serve I would gladly pay my fine, but if u catch me and say that I had speed on the highway which I
really had not done so. You better make sure you have the evidence.


2 responses

  1. Henry

    Request for the speed trap picture if they do summon u.. is only rm10..


    03/08/2010 at 3:52 pm

  2. Isaac

    I thought it was RM150 or something like that, anyway.. RM10 is also not fair for us. why should we pay if we are right? so what if its not the right car? do they want to reimburse the money and our time ? printing out digital prints dont even costs RM10 why pay them?


    09/09/2010 at 1:42 am

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