Comparison of iPhone and Android Users.

This is helluva funny, check this out on a comparison done between the iPhone user and the Android users, as mentioned the iPhone users are like girls and Android are like men, what about the rest of the OS ? BB? Symbian ? Win? but anyway check it out, sure to make you laugh or angry depends on which side you are on. There are comments on the webpage already but it sure dont look good, I am pretty sure those  guys are apple fanboy. They are just stating that the iPhone and Android downloads so why say its rigged? ask yourself.. maybe those are not guys downloading the stuff, and they are …. GIRLS ?

Do you have an iPhone? If a freakish online
survey’s results hold true, then you probably smell like a girl, prefer
to eat chicken over any type of meat and keep fish as pets.

data, released by US website, highlighted the differences in
discount coupons downloaded by iPhone users and their Android

With the help of an app called Grocery iQ, which
is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android, the website analyzed the
number of coupons downloaded and printed by different groups of
smartphone owners.

Here are the results of what downloaded coupons say about iPhone and Android phone owners:

#7. iPhone users smell like girls, Android users smell like men

Are Androids from Mars and iPhones from Venus?
It would seem so, if you look at the type of body wash coupons
downloaded by both sets of users.

iPhone users downloaded eight times as many coupons for women’s body wash products as compared to Android users.

Android owners, on the other hand, downloaded more coupons for men’s body wash.

#6. Android users are pork-eaters, while iPhone owners eat chicken

to the data, iPhone users seem to have a thing for chicken –
on their dinner tables at least. They downloaded 6 times more discount
coupons for chicken meat as compared to their Android counterparts.

the other hand, Androind owners are pork-eaters. Not only were discount
coupons for pork the favourite among them, they downloaded those
coupons almost twice as often as their iPhone-totting friends.

#4. Fish owners VS bird keepers

If you own an iPhone, you’re more likely to keep fish. Own an Android phone? Chances are you keep a bird as a pet.’s data showed that fish food coupons were the most popular in the Pet Food: Other category among iPhone owners.

they seem to keep quite a lot of fish at home too – iPhone users
downloaded a whooping 26.2 times more fish food coupons compared to
their Android user counterparts.

Android owners, on the other
hand, downloaded the most bird food coupons. For every one bird food
coupon downloaded by an iPhone user, Android owners downloaded 3.6 such

#3. Android users take care of themselves first

seems like Android owners are either spending too much time at the
office desk, or just don’t like rainy days too much. They’re also more
likely to take care of themselves first when it comes to personal care

The top coupon download among Android users in the
Personal Care products category was for arthritis and pain-relief
patches. May we suggest say, a few hours outdoors, Android people?

owners, on the other hand, seem to be busy parents. Their favourite
coupons in this category were for baby care products; and they were
downloading them with a gusto – at a rate of 41.7 times more than
Android users.

#2. Getting down and dirty

iPhone users, it seems, are more hands on people, preferring to get down and dirty – when it comes to cleaning that is.

Multi-surface cleaners made the top of the list of coupons downloaded for cleaning products among iPhone users.

On the other hand, Android owners preferred buying continuous toilet bowl cleaners on the cheap.

the data suggest then, that iPhone users are more hands-on
people, while Android users spend more time on the can?

#1. Conclusion

If we merged all the data from the analysis, we get the following:

iPhone users are feminine-smelling, chicken-eating, house-cleaning, fish owner parents with young kids.

On the other hand, Android users are masculine-smelling, pork-eating, bird-owning, arthritis-prone passive toilet bowl cleaners.

Quite different, don’t you think?


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