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9 Gadgets that the Smartphone have killed

I use to like blogging about my life and stuff, about things I have stupidly done or even small things that brings joy to me, but I don’t know why the sudden change of blogspace made me kinda lazy to even key in my entry, its not that its harder or there is nothing to blog, Recently there was the move from Livespace to WordPress, so it must be the new layout and stuff that’s making me moody over blogging.

Anyway, to continue blogging about techstuff, I would like to bring you this topic that how the smartphone will kill those 9 gadgets and I think even more. I have been using smartphone since the era of Blackberry and Palm but the recent years of all the new and upcoming smartphone is really crazy crammed with new outstanding features. So sit back and relax. Lemme know if its true or not. SMartPhone Killed the Radio Star!

  1. PDAs
    Back in the 90s, a personal digital assistant (PDA) was the must-have gadget for the busy executive. Palm, which produced one of the leading PDAs in the market lost about half its market share in the US when the demand for smartphones increased.


  2. Handheld video cameras
    When smartphones (and now even some DSLRs) have video recording functions, the camcorder or handheld video camera may appeal only to a small group of consumers


  3. Mp3 players
    According to  Deloitte, 42% of smartphone users have reduced or stopped using portable digital music players because of their phones’ music-playing capabilities.
    It remains to be seen how iPod sales will be affected by the prevalence of smartphones.


  4. Digital cameras
    Low end digital cameras may soon become extinct. Most smartphones now have at least a 5-megapixel capability. Nokia’s N8 smartphone even has a 12-megapixel camera.
    Pam Tufegdzic, a consumer electronics analyst said:  “Handsets soon may begin to cannibalize the low-end of the digital still camera market as they incorporate higher megapixels and flash capabilities.”


  5. Handheld video games
    More consumers are using their phones for portable gaming. In the bus or train, you’re likely to see more people playing games on their phones rather than a PSP or Nintendo DS.
    According to Flurry Analytics, the percentage of portable gaming revenue generated by the iPhone grew from 5% to 19% in 2009. Apple said the company has sold more than 1.5 billion iPhone/iPod Touch OS games. At present, six of the top 10 highest-grossing apps are games, such as “Angry Bird”


  6. GPS
    More and more phones are including GPS technology. Garmin’s exit from the smartphone market only indicated that it would focus more on apps to integrate its reputable navigation software into more devices.


  7. PCs
    There may come a day when smartphones replace the PC for accessing the Internet. IT research firm Gartner predicts that smartphone sales will overtake PC sales by 2012, if not earlier. Consumers will increasingly rely on their phones for Internet use instead of their PCs, especially when owning a smartphone means Internet on the go.


  8. Regular mobile phones
    Having a phone with a camera is no longer enough. You need to have an app that can edit it and make it look cool, then be able to upload it to Twitter or Facebook. Not to mention the fact that a media player has become an essential part of every phone.The regular mobile phone is fast becoming obselete. Until you go to NS or get called for reservist.Unless, of course, you want to buck the trend and get an anti-smartphone
    Is it time for you to get a smartphone?


  9. Alarm clocks

    When’s the last time you used an alarm clock? Back during school days? It seems like the only people who will be buying stand-alone alarm clocks now are parents who want their kids to wake up in time for the school bus. Most of us were accustomed to using the alarm function on our phones long before we migrated to smartphones, and haven’t had any problems




Genting Trailblazer 2010


I have been to a couple of Adventure races in the country and have gone as far as Thailand for some action, but nothing really beats this Genting Trailblazer, not in a good way but in all BAD. I am here to dish out the low down on it and it’s up to you to believe me or not.

To participate in Genting Trailblazer was one of my goals when they first started it in 2000 or something like that, I knew it was way way back then, but no one wanted to join me as they all thought it was too gruesome for their physical capability, I thought it was exciting as that time I had no experience in any adventure races. This time I manage to rope my sister in and I thought This is it, GENTRAIL is so gonna happen.

That was then and how excited I was before the race started, and then all the Rocks started going downhill. Let’s see point form would do people good.

  1. Inexperienced Organisation: I am not sure how many share my sentiment but I do believe the organizers is not prepared for such an event like this, I heard they were the first time taking over from the previous, but I also heard they were the old committee, well I guess it must be rumors stating that so people would join hoping that something would have changed. What happened was that even race BIBS was an issue,

    It was morning and people have to register themselves into the starting event , showing their bibs to the organizers, but this guys taking the bib numbers look like they were from some old folks home which was just given orders , So knowing me having a Race belt I would put my bib on it, guess what, NO NO NO ! you cant do it, u must have two bibs and high, HIGH up on the Tshirt, people were all repining their bibs on their tshirt and stuff. I was so angry I told them, DON’T BOTHER I am not going to register anyway *why bother registering if I know I am not going to win, I am joining in for the fun*

  2. GREEN EVENT ?? : Green event my arse, The organizers was saying that this is a green event, don’t throw your gel pack here and there, don’t throw cans plastics etc,etc.. Guess what no proper dustbin even, and even so, after the race this caterers was distributing PLASTIC plates and FORKS and SPOON, utterly disgusted, non bio degradable, another thing that happened was the trees and plants inside sure got a beating from the huge crowds that was present and it sure is not a pretty sight.


  3. SAFETY : are you guys serious ? there isn’t any SAFETY AT ALL, I have to mention this cause I felt that this Genting Trailblazer has got to stop organizing this race, Did you know that there was 100+ ppl clambering and pushing, shoving each other just to get in front, well that’s ok if you are on a flat area, but try in a mountainous slippery and muddy area where the side of the track is the ravine down the hill. I was not even running, as there is no place for you to run, you CAN”T run and that’s a fact, so those guys that are pushing and shoving, THINK SAFETY CAN ! you are not going to be top 3, that’s for sure, so why put others in danger.


  4. Water Station: I am one that never liked to bring water along any run, extra weight and trouble. But I don’t know why I brought this, cause I was thinking to myself, hey maybe this time If I don’t stop for water I could maybe placed top 10, What a joke, if I don’t stop for water at the water station, THERE WAS NEVER ONE ! ok to give you guys credit, you guys had one which was placed after 10km in a 12km race. GREAT thinking guys. *for the lady who nearly fainted asking for water from the Marshall, I feel sorry for you* cause the only thing that the stupid Marshall did was shrug his shoulders and say run more you will see water.


  5. PRICE of Race : well I am not so bothered by the price of the race but yes it has been increasing and many people have complained, but If we paid premium for this race, please give premium and not some stupid screwed up event. To be honest, the medal was some cheap $2 wood tied to a string. I can’t go on anymore, I have been to races which was lousy and I thought nothing can beat that, looks like this took the CAKE !