McDonalds Chicken McGrill

Recently there was a trend on twitter on McLobster, which is not a hoax by the way, they really do have that in store, just that not in your McD’s store. In Singapore they came out with this Teppanyaki Chicken McGRILL !! this burger or I rather call it sandwich has a tender whole chicken thigh grilled in Teppanyaki style for that sear-moist bitey taste, what’s more is that they do put on two slice of thick tomato on the sandwich with fresh lettuce smothered with creamy home-style sauce and sprinkled with fresh pepper, To top it off they use sourdough bun to hold it together. If that does not make u salivate I don’t know what will..

I have tried this Teppanyaki McGRILL and all I can say is Yummmeh !! the size of the this is McGRILL is just right, so for all your McLOBSTER fan out there eat your heart out. Here is a picture of the Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill and is only going for S$5.25 for a-la-carte.

Oh yeah not to forget the BEST PART of this deal is … its going for 1 for 1 till the 7th of March

Just print out the coupon below and GO GET SOME !! for more information you can go to and catch the commercial



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