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The 7th Annual Punggol Parade

Last weekend was a awesome weekend at Punggol, its because Punggol Town was a hustle and bustle with life and entertainment, All this buzz was created by none other than the Punggol Parade that was held there annually around this time of the year, In-fact this was the seventh Parade held in the small town of Punggol *no longer small I guess* with the booming of housing development coming up, it’s a no brainer that Punggol has garner such great interest and *Ahem jealousy from people all around the island* at this rate there are going to be plenty of new faces that we will have to say hi to in the near future.

I have to really give thanks to the Resident Committee to say that they have done a job well done in organizing this event, It has been a great pleasure to meet up with a few of the member, it was a honor to meet Ms Low who was gracing the event with DPM, but hey what’s this carnival all about you ask ? well , I shall let the pictures do the talking for those who weren’t able to make it, and also for those that would like to relive the memories of that fun day.

The welcoming committee for the VIP, our very own local STOMPERS, pretty awesome I might say with the equipment they use to drum out the sound, it sure made helluva welcoming noise, the VIP’s are none other than DPM Teo Chee Hean, MP for PasirRis-Punggol GRC, Ms Penny Low, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC

Oh this is just the start of the activity, If you are wondering why is there so many people lined up at the street, its because this was the attempt to break the world record for most CHA CHA dancers , yes you heard me WORLD RECORD for dancing the CHACHA. I have to admit everyone was so happy doing this dance, I wish I could participate but I am a two lefty, I don’t want them to not be able to break the record cause of me falling down and causing a domino effect, I better leave to what I do best, EaTiNg !! LOL !! check this link out on the Straits time coverage of this event and dance. STRAITS TIME COVERAGE !!

Oh if you are still reading this far, I would like to say I admire this lady in the cap, Take a look at her Cha Cha outfit, I bet she is the instructor for this Cha Cha event.. well I might be wrong but I had to take a picture of her.

YeaH She caught me taking a picture of her, hence the nice gorgeous smile. Well ladies sit up and take notice ok, she sure can move, this Carnival was also a chance for me to meet up with a couple of twitterville people, I met the face behind @punggollatest who is none other than @patrickpang , surprisingly how young and handsome he is cause I was visualising a well aged man maybe in the 40ish, guess I was wrong, I also met up with @nickpan, @queenofejungle and also @skribe all who are residents of Punggol and it was great to know that we have a small twitterville community going as well, too bad @arieternity couldn’t make it to this tweet up, but no worries maybe the 8th Parade?

I like how casual this picture look, Ms Low is smiling and have this so happy relaxed body language, I have to say Carnival do hype up everyone’s character. I bet the whole Punggol was here, there was a sea of people occupying the street in front of Blk175, seriously if I would say close 2 streets and have FLEA market and more fun and games activity for the whole PUNGGOL!

Why make it 4.30 to 7.30 Lets start at 6pm and all the way to the night !! now thats what I call a PARTY !! ok ok .. I am not in the organizing committee, but do take my feedback ok.. LOL

Bet you can’t spot me, I was among the VIP walking, *hint I am the one at the centre with the Garland! LOL HOW I WISH !!

Take a look at the record breaking Cha Cha dance, all the happy faces out there, look at the handsome stud with the George Clooney white, he is so happy.. I is jealous (insert sulking face)

Whats is a racial harmony parade without the mascot, check it out, Wonder where is the Chinese guy? I wonder if the mascot has a name? Whats a Carnival without food right? Well too bad I didn’t take any of the food but there was plenty to go around, Drinks, Popcorn, Cakes, Ice-cream, you name it they have it, but the queue was abit too long for me, had to go back and cook dinner anyway.

Kids had a blast as well with a lot of entertainment for them, check out the water boats, Wii and not to forget TOYS !!

I soon parted ways from the carnival and the tweetup but nonetheless It was an joyous and unforgettable occasion. I will upload the videos of the cha cha dance, see I was overwhelmed with excitement that I needed to slow down now don’t CHA wish your community was hot like me, anyway See you guys on the next parade, I hope we have broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR THE CHA CHA DANCE !! will keep you all posted !!