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Shoe Appreciation Society

Have you ever looked at a shoe wondering what that shoe is called ?  I am sure all of use pretty much know whats a sneaker.. but what about the other type of shoes on display..  the have specific names to it and I myself have a hard time naming each shoes by its type.

Luckily Shoe Appreciation Society has this poster that will teach us about the type of shoe there is… SAVIOR !


Old picture found .. 120km of good old times

Just posting some picture I found in my multiply site, lost all the friendster pictures which had all my race pics.. so salvaging whatever I can ..

This are from the Batu Arang 120km with the gang.. those have done weekend ride would know those familiar faces.

Pimp Daddy MAC  with Geoff behind

Ryna and Dennis

Ashraff on the right enjoying some coffee at the rest stop

Benny in Orange and the rest of the group..

This was taken back about 8 years ago with my O2 PDA phone.. so forgive me for the lousy resolution,Looking back at this pictures really reminded me of good time.

Twitter in 1991

Looks like we already had twitter from way before.. well not high tech sad to say but it was nearly similar to it.. check it out , Pretty cute I have to say .. but yeah .. Twitter En 1991

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

Taken from The Oatmeal.. awesome stuff

Is coffee good for you?

Think that first cup of coffee in the morning is what gives you your get up and go? Think again. New UK research has shown coffee has no actual affect on alertness, suggesting instead that it’s all in the mind.

By Amanda Pitcher

The Bristol University study involved 379 people who were not allowed to drink coffee or consume caffeine for a 16-hour period, the UK’s Daily Mail reported. They were then either given coffee or a placebo and then evaluated through a series of tests on their mental alertness.

The researchers found people who were daily consumers of coffee develop a tolerance to caffeine and its side effects, including anxiety and stimulatory effects. They suggested that rather than coffee making regular drinkers feels more alert and awake first thing in the morning, it was instead reversing the effects of overnight caffeine-withdrawal.

Half of the study’s participants did not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages frequently, and the other half were described as medium to high users, the Daily Mail reported.

After fasting and then being delivered coffee or the placebo, participants were asked to rate their mental alertness, anxiety and any headaches.

Those who were medium or high consumers of coffee when given the placebo were found to have decreased in mental alertness and an increase in the chance of having a headache. Those who received caffeine did not report a change either way — suggesting instead that the coffee had only brought them back to “normal”.

“Our study shows that we don’t gain an advantage from consuming caffeine — although we feel alerted by it, this is caffeine just bringing us back to normal,” lead researcher Professor Peter Rogers said.

“Video of Coffee Kicks

“On the other hand, while caffeine can increase anxiety, tolerance means that for most caffeine consumers this effect is negligible.”

The research will be published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures reveal Australians drink an average of 2.4kg of coffee a year, which is rising every year. We are still a long way behind Finland, however, who consume an astounding 11.2kg of coffee per year each.

A BIS Schrapnel report Coffee in Australia 2006-2008 found there were around 1.26 billion cups of coffee sold each year in the food service industry, which amounts to around $3 billion.

Chinese New Year 2012

2012, The Year of the Dragon.. not just any Dragon but the water dragon so whats in store for you ?a little knowledge of the Chinese culture wont hurt I guess.. Some people say 2012 is a Black Dragon or Water Dragon year. This is because the Stem-Branch Calendar is connected to the Five Element theory. Chinese calendars used the Stem-Branch system to count the days, months and years. There are 10 Stems and 12 Branches in this system. Stems are named by the Yin-Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth). The Stem sequence order is

The Year 2012 is the 4709th Chinese year. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4709th year on January 23, 2012. Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Black Water Dragon is the 28th Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since (60 *78) + 29 = 4709, therefore 2012 is the Water Dragon year, which is the 4709th Chinese Year.

The Branch sequence order is  Rat, Cow, Tiger, Dragon, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign.

Stem and Branch are used together to form a cycle of 60 counting systems which begin with WoodenRatWooden Rat and end with Water Pig Water Pig.


OK ok .. I went to look for the 2012 Hororscope prediction for each Zodiac, So Scroll and look for yours and your loved one. *not sure how true it is.. but Believe in what you want !


Aries 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope aries

Being an Aries is often a real joy. It’s easy to just be who you are, plenty of signs would love just a touch of your brave forward moving energy. The 2012 year of Dragon will be a busy year on the home front. Also, up for consideration, will be how your relationships and routines fit together. There may be a struggle between your outer reality, your career, or how people see you, and the inner reality of your deep feelings and connection to your roots; a push pull/ either or situation that could cause considerable tension. Another major area of activity is your value system: you are going through a deep morphing in this area, expect deep life defining changes to occur- a total transformation in what and who you value in your world.

It is possible that you will feel weak and confused over changes that need to be made-you may swing back and forth between knowing and not knowing. Much growth is happening in the area that represents your home life, your roots in the world, and what is being demanded of you. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus in a tight little huddle in your 4th house of home you can expect a renewed sense of desire for positive change in this area. You may have been fuzzy about some situation in your home, but expect clarity soon, and with clarity comes sudden focused action. This is the Universe helping you to evolve into the best you with the best life possible- follow your instincts and go with the flow in 2012, enjoy the energy of the changes taking place, disruptive though they may be.

2012 will bring deep healing in the area of communication. A supportive trine between Saturn the teacher of lessons, and Neptune (connection to the divine), with Chiron (the wounded healer) you may find yourself remembering some long forgotten hurt or humiliation. Often we attribute what we are going through now with how we feel- but in actuality it is how we feel that creates what we are going through. Now you have an opportunity to deeply heal the wounded parts of yourself, look to communication issues and possibly relationships with siblings for the surfacing of these issues. Allowing yourself to look for guidance on how to release and move forward. Participate in body work, Yoga, dance, keep the systems moving, help free up the energy. A deep renewal is under way. Discipline yourself to stay present and conscious through the changes. Try and stay out of escapism of any kind if you want to create more positive.
This 2012 year you are up for recognition or achievement of some kind- at the very least you will be driving for some kind of notice. With Virgo energy at the helm being of service in some way is sure to affect your status in some way. Always try to think of others before you act- its tricky doing this with all that powerful firey energy you are channelling all the time. But being considerate is something all Aries are learning on some level- often with difficulty. Though you might feel certain of your wants one minute try to consider how you will feel down the road- not just in the now, but five years down the road. Thinking long term will help you steer clear of needing instant gratification. Think consequences. And think big. The best you can imagine for yourself- what do you deserve?

This is certainly an active 2012 year in many important areas. You will be called to find your place in your community this 2012 year as well. Another angle on the same position could have you feeling burdened by your place in the world. Your friendships could be putting a strain on you as well- obligations rather than mutual enjoyment. It might be the year to consider this. Robert Kiyosaki, author or “Rich dad, Poor Dad” says: “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”.Are you surrounded by people you would like to be? Now is a great time to seek out the new- make it a discipline and Saturn will support you fully.

Two thousand twelve is a year of transformation- Your Values, your home life, your career, and your friendships will be combining to redefine you. Enjoy the metamorphosis Aries, these changes suit you.


Taurus 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope taurus

In 2012 Taurus people will be happy to be who they are. There is a fundamental change under way in the way you present yourself to others this 2012 year of Dragon. The people around you may be shocked by sudden changes in your style of communication. Perhaps you will feel a need to be more authentic and honest when you interact. Jolly generous Jupiter is travelling through Taurus this 2012 year too- this is super fortunate in many ways, expect financial increase as well as a simple increase in pleasures of all kinds, the good things in life.
Jupiter will travel a sign once every twelve years- This 2012 year Jupiter is sojourning in Taurus. That means that it will travel through the part of the zodiac that occupies your sun sign. You can expect an increase in everything that defines who you are- and who you are is up for consideration. You will feel a distinct increase in your creativity and sense of self-expression. It’s as if your energy is expanding. Your life will start changing to meet this new expansion. Your Soul is growing – as all souls do – and now the friction is forcing you out of any ruts you have worn. Yes, it’s nice that some things stay the same, but change is the only thing that can be counted on. Though all the newness may be scary you will feel deep regeneration through-out your life.

Jupiter will bring financial rewards as well. Though 2012 year of Dragon things will flourish and firm up under this influence. All the securities and little luxuries that keep a Turean happy are yours for the taking. Good food, music, sensual pleasures and Love. It’s all available during two thousand twelve. You will have ample energy to focus on your resources and perhaps combining your resources with others could be rewarding- Look for harmonious interactions with any potential partners, steer clear of complainers and fault finders and veer towards self actualized happy creative people.

All this expansion is exhilarating. Being Taurus, it’s possible that even the word “exhilarating” is anxiety provoking. You may be confused about your place in the outer world, your job, or activity in the community, and your desire to be home and domestic. You may have a running argument in your mind trying to convince you of the merits of both choices. Home or Work? Well its both, it’s this and that, not either or. Though the outside world may feel like a burden, there is no doubt you are making real progress. Progress that will secure things for you so you can really enjoy the domestic side of life. Indulge in healthy food to support your system when you feel stressed. You may be tempted to inhale ice cream, but have a glass of organic Kefir instead- One causes an irritated digestive track creating mucus in the body the other nourishes with active probiotics. These healthy choices have long-term gains- the unhealthy choices lead to long-term loss and degeneration.

You are likely to meet some interesting people this 2012 year as well. Witty talkers with endless ideas. These people can be helpful to you-Try not to shy away from the quickness of the energy. It will help you raise your own energy enough to enjoy all the changes 2012 is sure to bring into your life. By December you will be seeing the new you-perhaps you will even be surprised by your new world. Rest assured positive expansion will happen and that is what you signed on for. Stay focused on changing while appreciating the abundance in each moment. Life is bountiful and Loving. Happy 2012!

Gemini 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope gemini

Being a Gemini is endlessly fascinating. There are so many bits of information in the world. Now that we have the internet there is no end to how much we can know a little about. This 2012 year of the Dragon will bring changes on the home front, within your family situation, or perhaps deep psychological complexes will come to light. Who you feel you are and who you are trying to be will come up against some friction. Your values are shifting, your sense of worth is up for consideration. “Something is happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear”.

This 2012 year the Saturn, planet of discipline is occupying the space of expanding horizons. This is where you study philosophy or begin to formulate a new belief system. Critical thinking will be strong now- and it could be clear that what you believed before is at best undeveloped, at worse you don’t even know what it is you believe. With Saturn in this part of your chart you are now able to discover ideologies that will provide you with a solid foundation to build your new life. Being in an easy flowing trine relationship with Neptune- planet of dreams and ideals- as well as Venus, how you relate to the world, will give this new transition a touch of dreamy magic. You can expect your values about work and the routines in your life to change- there will be a deeper sense of purpose and understanding to what you do.

You will find reason to focus on your resources with others. Perhaps you will inherit money- Or you may have to battle in court in someway over inheritance or property. Mars, planet of action, will keep this part of your world in focus. Perhaps this situation will be a major source in your drive to transform. Being in opposition to Neptune can have you swinging back and forth between perfecting things and just letting things be. Going with the flow and letting go. A little letting go is in order, but it certainly won’t hurt to keep the magnifying glass handy to go ever the details of any paperwork

The most prominent part of your chart is relating to family and your home life. Also, subconscious processes and what is hidden in the depths of memory could be a key point this year. With Mercury fused with Jupiter your thoughts and the way you communicate will expand. You could be communicating about your thoughts and feelings related to the home front and family. Maybe you are writing or making a film- it could be that you suddenly start to journal. Expect transformation to occur in a way that is stabilizing. At the same time, you may be compelled to keep searching. That Gemini need for more information could disrupt this stabilizing somehow. Try and think of building up rather than tearing down.

To have an insatiable desire for newness is often beneficial, but this 2012 year the north node is opposite your Sun- which means now it is time to focus on going deeper into knowing. Now is your chance to master some ideal. Look to share what you’ve learned in a way that encourages growth in others. You may find the truth becoming oddly important and find yourself compelled to be bluntly honest. Your intuition will heighten, or at least your awareness of intuitive insights. Whole book loads of information could be downloaded into your consciousness now. Suddenly you just know things- you may not be able to prove how you know them, you just do. This is the North Node in Sagittarius in action. Follow the yellow brick road and you may discover the man behind the curtain.

With Uranus in relationship to your Moon and Pluto in the chart you will feel a need for some new kind of freedom. It likely relates to some restrictive emotional state or past situation that inhibits you somehow. Expect sudden awareness in these areas. You will be liberated in a flash from old patterns that kept parts of you ineffective. This is exciting stuff that you may have secretly wanted to be done with for years. You could have a secret compulsion that is suddenly gone- no inner struggle just liberation. Good news for any addict of any kind.

Gemini this 2012 year of Dragon is deep. In a fabulous growth inducing way. Keep focused on foundations and the future will develop beautifully. Exciting, grounding and liberating times are ahead in 2012.

Cancer 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope cancer

Being Cancer born grants you a knack for security. A talent for securing security. It’s nice to be warm and safe in your cozy nest, surrounded by loving loved ones. Two thousand twelve is going to challenge your desire for sameness. This 2012 year with Uranus, planet of lightning bolt change, squaring both your Sun and Moon you will no doubt be feeling the friction within. The need to break free of stifling routines will be urgent. A liberating transformation is under way and it may feel stressful. The move from the familiar is scary stuff for any Cancer. 2012 year of Dragon you will have what it takes for a total metamorphosis. The urge to grow will eclipse the desire to secure.

Throughout whole 2012 year of Dragon the Pluto, planet of deep purging change, is activating your Moon, emotional sense of self, and your Mercury, what and how you think. All this action is happening in the area of the chart the governs the health conscious part of ourselves. You may discover odd food sensitivities, dairy products are apt to produce to much mucus for the system to handle resulting in asthma, sinus problems, or recurring yeast infections. Try to cut back on dairy products this 2012 year. In the very least source some Raw milk from a local dairy. It has been discovered that the act of pasteurisation actually destroys the enzymes that allow us to digest dairy; a theory as to why so many people, an estimated 80 percent, have adverse reactions to dairy. Expect this 2012 year of Dragon to be full of learning about healthy routines, perhaps you will get involved in a community garden, or join some kind of like minded group. This will all be new to you and you may struggle between wanting to stay in your pajamas and getting out into the world. Try to force yourself out, within reason of course. Remember to feel the fear and do it anyway, life is short.

Expect a sense of purpose permeating your life. You may feel the call of destiny. A certainty of purpose that changes how others see you. This is a very healing combination involving Neptune, planet of the cosmic soup, and Chiron, the wounded healer in your first house. The mask you show others is dissolving for all to see the really real you. It’s highly likely that you will gain recognition for some sort of creative effort. Another possibility this 2012 year is there being a push/pull between what you as an individual want and what the group, or society you are involved in wants. This could be a source of great tension, remember to consider the greater good of all involved. It is not either or, but this and that. Compromise is the key to happiness.

With Jupiter, the jolly expander next to Venus, relationships and values, in the house of Communication, little trips, and brothers and sisters, you can expect a focus on relationships, You will have much energy to invest in this area of your life. An easy trine formation is considered a blessing of ease. Perhaps your close associations will get more interesting. Much will be discussed and even written about. Keeping a journal detailing your insights into your relationships would be highly valuable now. You will understand a lot more about what you attract. It is also possible that you will have disputes involving communications. It could be that a communication breakdown gets exaggerated somehow causing combat. When you find yourself at an impasse, and you are feeling really pissed off, take a deep breath and say: “I choose peace!” this works like magic to shift from negative ego conflicts to positive cooperation.

2012 is going to be pivotal in many ways. Your relationships will be redefined. Your creativity will get noticed. You will serve the community just being yourself. So though security may not be the focus this 2012 year of Dragon you will still have a good solid foundation to build upon. Most of the friction is coming from within and this will create a new you. A you closer to fulfilling your ultimate potential. 2012 you will see signs that let you know you are ultimately on the right track. Remember to pamper yourself through the newness and celebrate the changes a little every day this year of black Dragon

Leo 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope leo

Two thousand twelve is an active year for Leo. This 2012 year of the water Dragon many areas of your life will come into focus and require change. So though you will be busy, you have lovely supportive relationships around you. An easy Trine between Mars and Venus helps set up a nice exchange of energy between what you value and what you are actually working towards- Often we know we need to do one thing, but act in opposite ways, this is just the egos way of preventing change. This year you will have the inner drive to do the “Right” thing, and you will know what that is. With the 2nd house of self-worth active in 2012 year of the Dragon you will likely have sudden insights into deeply repressed issues that lock you in unhealthy patterns of some kind. All this realization may find you in the spotlight somehow- you may be using your mind and communication skills in unique and creative ways. Be ready to jump at any chances that come your way. Fast reactions will bring you there, closer to where you want to be.

Neptune is the planet of deep otherworldly awareness, it’s where you sense guardian angels, or astral project. It’s the planet that longs for the beautiful ideal, it dissolves things and leaves you dazed and confused when confronted with the “real world”. 2012 year of the water Dragon the Neptune is a definite force and it is entering its own domain in your chart. This is happening while in tight relationship with Chiron, planet of deep healing and revelation. This could go many ways, always there are variables. At best you may have an encounter with Loving spirit guides that grant you a feeling of total protection and deep inner security- a certainty that everything will be Ok. Expect this to totally transform how you feel about yourself on all levels. A fairy God Mother to whisk away your self-doubt and fear. All this magical energy in 2012 year will be tempered with the reality of the discipline it will take to make the real world changes to sustain this sense of worth. People who Love themselves take care of themselves. It is likely that you will be required to buckle down and make healthy choices. Mars, Saturn and the Moon in your 6th house of health and routines will help you to stay focused on the improvements you need to make to deeply heal your inhibiting wounds.

In your house of fun, romance and creativity in 2012 year of the Dragon you have Mercury, the messenger. This planet has everything to do with how we think and communicate. Short little trips are active here as well. There is a flowing trine aspect between Uranus, the planet that likes to shake things up in sudden ways, and Mercury. It could make for fruitful discoveries in therapy of some kind. Your sudden awareness in the realm of the subconscious will feed your personal expression. The 2012 year could be a time of beautiful artwork, any kind of creative self expression. It could even be a sudden romance with a quirky genius type. This will be world changing, but may not be meant to last; it largely depends on the people involved. This sudden meeting will affect you profoundly in a positive sense. Here again, go with the flow, adapt and succeed.

With Pluto, planet of deep purging change in your house of philosophy, and higher education. It is possible that through 2012 year of the Dragon your foundational beliefs will be changing drastically. Pluto transforms what it touches and it’s purpose is the growth of your very soul. Now would be a great time to learn body/mind techniques. How your thoughts create your reality may be made clear this 2012 year. You will want to take charge of your mind and emotions, empower yourself with healthy techniques to program your mind to heal and grow. Self- hypnosis, or neural linguistic programing would be areas to study. The mind needs taming and you have the ability to make great strides in your inner workings in 2012 year of the black Dragon.

Being a Leo gives you the ability to brightly shine- your ruling planet is the Sun after all. This 2012 year of the Dragon try to find a way to connect who you are, on deeper levels, with serving others in someway. This is the secret to true and lasting happiness. Sharing your gifts of warmth and encouragement with the world is what you came to do- find your niche, your angels will guide you. 2012 will be the year to clear the way for the real you to come through, it’s finally time to shine.

Virgo 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope virgo

Virgo people tirelessly work toward perfection at all times. Finding flaws is the domain of Virgo. 2012 year of Dragon is a year of fruitful advances in positive directions. Your involvement in many areas of life is going to increase- an action year is about to begin. It is highly likely that this 2012 year your funds are going to increase in some way. Your values are transforming fundamentally and this could shift your routines, highlighting this area of your life. Even your home life is changing this 2012 year- you will have much to say on these matters. You may even be in the spotlight in 2012 so don’t forget to prepare your speech, even if it’s just a sternly worded letter to your spouse on the truth as you see it.

Uranus, planet of sudden flashes of insight and radical change this 2012 year is in a Trine with Venus, your relationships and values. You may be receiving new ideas on ways to run your home. There will be a tension within, a pressure to change things, to establish more freedom for yourself somehow. This awareness may not help you actually make the changes needed to free up your energy. Your actual drive and this need to change are at odds with each other. You may know you need to change things, but keep acting in the same ways until, Bamb! you make a sudden move that no one saw coming. This may not be comfortable, but it will be liberating. Once aware of any problems they are impossible to ignore. Try and ease into this sudden new world view, or at least go easy on your loved ones- they may not see through the same lenses.

This 2012 year Your Sun is aspecting Pluto, which means that a deep transformation is under way. Think of these changes as a blessing from your Soul. Pluto represents your Souls evolution in the birth chart. Whenever it is activated by transit you can expect a growth spurt. This is an easy trine, but it will no doubt have you pondering the nature of your relationships. You could feel torn between selfish desires and merging resources with another- Generally when Pluto occupies this area what you and another share is a transforming agent of some kind. You could greatly benefit from other people’s resources this year- A good motto is this and that, not either or, cooperate!

Neptune, planet of spiritual consciousness is in opposition to your sun this 2012 year. Your sun is in an area of the chart that will bring your family into focus. Where you spend your time and subconscious energy. Through 2012 year of Dragon you may be working to change your residence, but feel undermined by a constant state of confusion. Neptune will bring changes that leave you confused for a while- You may feel tired and lethargic. Take time to deeply nourish yourself through diet, exercise and relaxation. Learning to meditate could put you in direct contact with your spirit guides, this sort of guidance is top-notch and personal. Learning to follow your instincts will reward. Your role in the outside world will be shifting. This brings healing and realignment. Your home life will be reorganized in a supportive way. Allow your dreams to manifest; visualize your ideals as real. Banish all doubt.

2012 will usher in major changes in your lifestyle. Expect to work hard this 2012 year of Dragon with wonderful transformative results. Things will get closer to perfect. Remember not to be too critical of yourself and others. We all need a break from the constant self-improvement. Learning to balance the different aspects of home and family with work and the outside world will bring a sense of empowered peace. Hard won harmony really is an accomplishment. Rest in the good stuff and strive for more, all in perfect measure. 2012 year will fully support you in your endeavors

Libra 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope libra

Libra 2012 year of Dragon will be a year that redefines you. Your home life will likely change rather dramatically. You can also expect to feel like your nose is to the grindstone in all your creative efforts. Much energy and focus will be available for self-expression, or perhaps your children will be drawing on you somehow. Either way you will have the right attitude when it comes to dealing with responsibility. Your fundamental beliefs may be dissolving to be replaced with a more life affirming and supportive world view. Libra, your Love of peace and beauty is what is motivating much of these changes. 2012 is a year of transforming change, it may not feel easy, all that change, but it’s bringing you closer to your ideal world. Peace and Love are in the air, now you need to consciously breath it in.

Mercury, the communicator, and the Sun, your identity, are in a difficult aspect with Pluto, planet of deep transformation and Uranus, the revolutionary. This configuration will cause a sense pressure. A conflict between home and work, or from who you really are and what you feel the world expects from you. Perhaps sudden changes on the work front conflict with the harmony of home. The changes will affect your routine’s and could trigger your awareness of a need for healthy lifestyle choices. None of this revolutionary change is easy, but you will be renewed through it all. The butterfly will emerge from the cocoon. A lot has to go on in the cocoon for the butterfly to break free. 2012 you are working for this level of transformation.

In 2012 year of Dragon the Jupiter will be triggering deep internal processes. An expansion of awareness. Suddenly you can sense the deeper meaning in life, expect flashes of insight and a new certainty. Your ability to detect bullshit will be heightened. Truth will start to seem much more important. Being Libra you have the tendency to tell people what they want to hear. Pleasing people for the sake of harmony can leave a strange hollow in your relationships. With Pluto crossing into your house of relationships you can expect a definite change in how you relate with others. Perhaps you will be torn between what feels easy and comfortable and acting more authentically. You will be pushed into authenticity, even while risking disharmony. Though difficult, you will reap the rewards of new sense of depth and loyalty in the relationships in your life. The work is all leading somewhere, try not to resist the changes. Look to the people in your life for clues about what is not working. Now change can happen.

An important trine between Saturn and Neptune conjunct Chrion will help you accept the effort things are going to take. A shifting in your world view is happening. This dissolving process could leave you confused. You will cycle between inspired and plain old tired. Try and honor the need for rest as this is where much processing will occur. If you find you wake up tired find time for naps throughout the day. Sooth your Soul with beautiful sites, and smells. Eat well, listen to soothing sounds and be peaceful as often as possible. Choosing peace is a process, keep making the choice, repeat “I choose Peace”: this is invoking great power for good.

Remember that you are working your way out of the cocoon. A more beautiful you is being born in 2012 year of the Dragon. A free and real you. Though there will be moments you wish the pressure would stop- keep focused on the underlying purpose of the discomfort. You came to earth to evolve your Soul, there are lessons to learn and some of them feel hard. But not all. Life has all kinds of rewards for your hard work and effort. At the end of the day it’s likely you will look around and see how blessed you are with Peace, Love and Beauty in your life. You are ruled by Venus and this is a blessing. Don’t hesitate to communicate your new understandings this year- people want your perspective and your balanced artistic point of view. Two thousand Twelve will be fruitful. You have all the tools you need to make things work out beautifully and peacefully. Your Loved ones will appreciate the new you. And I think you’ll find you’re rather happy with who you are allowing yourself to be this 2012 year. Enjoy the journey!

Scorpio 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope scorpio

Scorpio 2012 year of Dragon will provide you with exactly what you thrive on: Deep meaningful transformation. Scorpios are good at recreation. This 2012 year Scorpios know how to tear it all down and start from scratch. The phoenix rising from the ashes is one of your symbols, along with the scorpion and the Eagle. You are no stranger to the dark side of life. You are drawn to the crises points as this is where true growth occurs. 2012 year will have you changing your home life in important ways- perhaps a move. It is likely that you will engage in some kind of battle for a higher cause. Fighting for the underdog or children in need of protection. You may meet a new partner that excites your mind with their authentic honest nature. The new you is learning to live a life without secrets. Surrounding yourself with people you don’t need to hide from. These times are not easy; you will be stretching yourself- leaving the comfort zone.

An outstanding aspect this 2012 year of Dragon is between Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter is in your eleventh house of friends, humanitarian causes, and your hopes and wishes. The eleventh house relates also to you within a group. With Jupiter here your involvement is certainly expanding in some way. Maybe you are joining a new group with big ambitions. Mars is opposite Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity – this creates a situation that causes you to feel you need to fight for a cause. You will feel much passion about the cause you are involved in. Be careful to avoid any possible physically violent situations. You could find it tricky to relate within the group in a harmonious way. Your individuality my feel stifled in uncomfortable ways that cause you to want to rebel. The “no one tells me what to do” issue. Deep down you know you need to compromise in this situation, the very act of compromising is what will cause your growth. This 2012 year of Dragon expect your routines to completely change, as will your beliefs about things you never even thought about before.

With Venus in your third house 2012 year of Dragon you will be relating a lot. It is a sextile aspect with Mercury, the planet you use in your communications. The sextile can relate to talents you have. An opportunity or a blessing. This talent may take some effort though. You will have to coax yourself along, all the while knowing this opportunity is a true benefit to you. Your individuality is important here, any artistic abilities you have could be recognized in some way. All sorts of writing would be likely. Is there something you’ve been meaning to write? A Novel, your will, or a how to manual. Now is the time to take your ideas and run with them. Work your magic and make the dreams real. Time is short. Or an illusion. An illusion that seems to fly by.

All Scorpios ponder death. You keep the topic close to your heart, and pull it out often and try and figure it out. Scorpios love a mystery to solve, a secret to dig up. Death really has been a great mystery to most humans. It is the domain of Scorpio to witness the darkness, to be with the difficult stuff in life without running. You may be just as terrified as the next guy, but you want the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of it all. Being witness gives voice to the unexplainable. With Neptune, your connection to the cosmos, traversing this 2012 year your eighth house, you will likely be pondering the deeper issues of life. Perhaps you will gain access to other people’s resources, or be focused on your will and what you have to leave behind. You could also get involved in some kind of court case. It’s impossible to predict how the scenario will play out. We are the creators of our reality so keep clear and focused on what outcome you prefer. With Neptune here you may have a deeply spiritual experience- A visit from a long gone loved one or an introduction to your faithful spirit guides. You are open to more- life is getting richer, there are more textures and layers.

This 2012 year will be pivotal for you. Change is happening in deeply needed ways. The 2012 year of Dragon will accelerate your healing and growth. You will make discoveries and experience revelations that shake it all up. Change is the only thing that can be counted on. Be honest in your communications. This authenticity is what creates trust, and trust is something you can have if you open your heart this year. Take emotional risks and while you heal your world you make it easier for others to heal theirs- no effort goes wasted Scorpio. Stand tall in your power.

Sagittarius 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope sagittarius

Oh buoyant Sagittarius 2012 is going to be a year of deep purposeful change. Expect to be highly focused on issues of communication. This 2012 year of Dragon you could find yourself all over the place, many short trips that keep you moving and busy. It’s likely that siblings will play a major role, perhaps there is much to talk about, hidden treasures and buried secrets- unlocking the mysteries will move you forward on your path.

You have what is called a stellium in Scorpio this 2012 year. Venus, planet of relating and values; Saturn, the task master; Mercury, your mind and perceptions; the North Node, the direction our soul is evolving. All this huddled up in your third house of communication will change your world in matters of communication and the comings and goings of your daily life. With Saturn Conjunct, fusing its energy with Venus, you may find relationships either withholding or perhaps stifling. Saturn can feel cold and unloving, but does show love in the form of boundaries. We need boundaries and limitations to truly function at our best. It could be you are learning this 2012 year of Dragon to set boundaries for yourself in relationships- balancing time between you and others. Or maybe someone will set some boundaries for you- you may be crossing their lines- we learn either way. With Neptune, planet of our connection to the cosmos conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, in an easy trine to Saturn and Venus you are definitely being guided to heal your wounds and see the deeper meaning in your connections with others. It may all be a bit of effort, but well worth it effort you enjoy. The truth will be told all over the place, something Sagittarians honor, this will deepen ties and create an intimacy you may not be entirely comfortable with even though you desire meaningful connections. You will be able to really communicate your internal processes, sharing in a way that was previously lacking. Life will be refreshing, an adventure even. Stay in the now and deal with situations authentically as they come up.

In the area related to home and family this 2012 year you have Pluto, planet of deep transformation, arm in arm with Mars, planet of action and drive. This is squaring Uranus, the freedom fighting genius. Uranus never really lets anything settle for long. And the square always creates a stressful sort of tension. It’s a relationship that has planets working at cross purposes. Each one goes about its business in its own very different way and it will not be convinced otherwise. Yikes. This tension is happening in your home life, or perhaps it relates to deep subconscious processes working. There may be sudden win falls, or inheritances, or a sudden move to join resources with another. Negotiation will be needed and an important part of the growth process. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn this 2012 year of Dragon are pushing you to establish real world evidence-reap rewards, build tangible foundations out of the ashes of what went before. You are moving into a new place in your life, a new identity is being born from deep within.

Things are bound to get tricky in some areas and change can be stressful, but you do have a lovely supportive trine from your Sun, ruler of your identity and the Moon, your instincts and feelings. Through 2012 year of the Dragon expect creative breakthroughs which could be linked to partners in your life. You will be feeling good about getting into partnerships of all kinds. They will support your greater good this 2012 year, help you be a more creative and productive individual. You may discover executive skills that promote you to a more important role in your Job- one in which you must be a leader- people will come to you for guidance. Try to control the Sagittarian tendency to be self-righteous. It’s nice to be right, but it’s more important to be happy. Be humble wise know-it-all. No one likes a lecture.

With Jupiter in your Tenth house this 2012 year you are going to be blessed with an expansion of some kind in your world of Career- How you are viewed in the world will change and expand. Jupiter is your ruling planet- The benefactor of your bigger picture visions and buoyant ability to bounce back from the difficult stuff ready to try again. You have truths to tell the world and 2012 is sure to put you in positions to express yourself authentically, and that comes naturally to you. Remember the wise words of Dr. Suess ,”Be who you are,and say how you feel, because those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” Use this as your motto for 2012 and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the Adventure!

Capricorn 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope capricorn

In 2012 you can expect major changes in your bottom line beliefs. Capricorn you love to improve things, always working to get closer to perfect in every area of your life, big ambition this 2012 year will help you realize many of your goals. Though change can be difficult you have deep internal support systems in place that will serve you well during your transitions in 2012 year of the Dragon.

Saturn in Scorpio will create a sense of intensity to all you do this 2012 year of the Dragon. It is likely that you will be dealing with beginnings and endings. Where Saturn travels we learn lessons. Saturn teaches us the importance of discipline and working hard for what we want. Long-term efforts are rewarded. There may be deep sense of the spiritual in this area of your life due to a supportive trine between Saturn and Neptune. Neptune will dissolve your boundaries and resistance, making any difficulty seem easier. When you understand the deeper meaning you can see the bigger picture more clearly. This perspective is a great blessing as it allows you to weather the storms with certainty of purpose. What you go through this 2012 year will make you wiser yet leave you humbled. Others will notice a new you emerging. You may be more compassionate than usual, keenly aware of other layers of reality. Your character is building.

This 2012 year Mercury and Venus fuse energies in Sagittarius. This conjunction has relationships on the mind. There may be much communicating about relationship issues. Venus, representing our values, is opposite Uranus, the rebel change maker, this combo can make for exciting, unexpected events. Perhaps you will meet someone out of the blue that shakes up your world. Uranus is restless and won’t allow routine to take hold. Though this person may excite you, introducing you to ideas that shift your world view and start you on the path of philosopher, they are not necessarily a long-term prospect. Remember to stay detached while learning what you can from situations

Pluto is going to rumble through your world and make some lasting changes. It affects you in the area of career and crosses into your hopes and wishes, even your friendships will be transformed by this new energy. It may not always feel pleasant as long buried issues may bubble up into consciousness. This is a clearing process that will put you in touch with power you may have disowned long ago. As children we have no power in our worlds. This unfortunate reality is made worse if you happen to have a tyrant parent or teacher in your life. We often suppress our natural inclinations to please the people in our world. These suppressed parts of you are being released and with the release comes a great surge of your true power. It’s shocking how much energy we use to keep ourselves safe and the same. You will be thrilled with the new you. A sense of expansion will infuse all your positive feelings. You will understand why you have been climbing, now you see where your soul is heading.

Luck is residing in your house of communication, short trips, transportation and siblings. You can expect good things to happen. This also connects to your relationships and philosophies. Perhaps you will formally speak on topics that expand horizons for people. You will be connected in important ways to positive situations. Go with the flow and really appreciate all that is happening in this area of your life. It’s a good time to buy a new to you car, or a communication device- this world is not wanting for gadgets, now is the time to spoil yourself with toys that help you be a better communicator.

2012 year of the Dragon will be totally rewarding for you. Capricorn is a sign that earns its rewards and this 2012 year you will feel satisfied, even blessed with your efforts. Though there are going to be difficult moments the general feel of 2012 is one of total transformation and wonderful expansion. Though you are most comfortable with work be sure to take much needed time for exercise and relaxation to balance your life. This year a discipline of meditation would be highly rewarding, even allowing you to reverse chronic health issues. Take time to regularly count your blessings and you will be amazed at the miracles you can attract into your world in 2012 year of the water Dragon.

Aquarius 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope aquarius

For those born Aquarius 2012 year of Dragon will be a year of action. There is an ample amount of energy needing release. 2012 is time to make your move. Sound your battle cry and use a little of the unique originality you were born with. Your creativity is being summoned for the greater good. A coming of age transformation, no matter how old you are, is under way, and it is happening fast. How exciting!

You can expect much action and focus on communications, with Mercury, the Moon, and Pluto occupying this 2012 year the area of your horoscope that relates to siblings and short trips, and anything that assists this, like cars and kindles, ipods and androids. Our world is rich with communication devices in ways never seen before on Earth, (that we can remember). The lost continent of Atlantis is said to have surpassed our technological advances. There is a supportive trine aspect with mars that is truly a blessing. You will feel called to humanitarian causes, perhaps you will be a spokesman for these causes. There is an urgent sense of needed change, an enough is enough energy that will agitate you into speaking out. This impatient energy will be well-grounded as well. There is something you are building on, a solid foundation is being laid for you to stand upon.

Being an Aquarius you are mostly going to enjoy all this fast action and energy. Uranus is your ruling Planet granting you with the urge to be free, truthful and independent. Aquarius is often the rebel genius, who enjoys shocking others. A trait that helps you to thumb your nose at convention. Pluto, one of the indicators of the soul’s evolutionary path, is also out to transform your communications. This 2012 year of Dragon you will feel drawn to create harmony through your words or art, self-expression is much needed and with Pluto contacting Venus in your 5th house of creativity you can bet something beautiful will come out of you; this situation is harmonizing.

Neptune in aspect to Saturn will help you feel a sense of structure to a very unstructured transformation. This 2012 year you may not be used to having to discipline yourself, it’s so restricting, but with Saturn, the task master, in your house of identity, you will come across as very grounded and dependable- this energy will add an air of authority to all you do. The discipline will make sense now and you will feel grateful for the boundaries.

Chiron with Venus will provide you this 2012 year of Dragon with very healing experiences relating to children, creativity, or romance. Perhaps you will meet someone now who helps you heal this area of your life. If you were stifling your creative self for any reason now you can expect a liberation of sorts, a liberation that may take some effort on your part- resist resistance and you will make fabulous strides towards your positive evolution.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, faith and Vision in 2012 is in your house of partnerships and negotiations With Jupiter here you can expect luck relating to these areas of your life. A buoyant expansion of activity will leave you feeling blessed with a sense of wonder. Expect synchronicity that shifts your perspective and opens your mind to formerly unseen possibilities. Your sense of self is going to be changed as well. A more creative, perhaps a much deeper you is emerging through all this lucky expansion. Use your discretion when forming new partnerships, but do expect serendipity to arrive at some point this year. You will be learning much about partnership which can be tricky for an Aquarian, but all the magic surrounding these lessons will help you accept the process and appreciate partnerships in new ways.

2012 year of Dragon is certainly a year with many developments. Exciting changes will keep you busy and your sense of purpose will be clear. You will not be able to stop yourself from rushing in and making a difference, follow your instincts and you will not be lead astray. Your originality will be noticed and your relationships will be productive, supportive, and rewarding. Hard work and originality will pay big dividends this 2012 year. Any transition can be difficult, good or bad, but the Aquarian parts of you will be reveling in all this newness. You are changing the status quo, just like you were born to do, and you will feel that sense of right all the way down to your toes in 2012.

Pisces 2012 horoscope

2012 horoscope pisces

Pisces 2012 year of Dragon will bring many new developments on the home front. Who you are is morphing into someone new and this will certainly be felt on your home territory. Your values are up for an overhaul that will affect your self-expression and creativity. This 2012 year will lead you into new and improved territory. Don’t be surprised if you are assisted by unseen guides, or maybe you are gifted with the ability to see the unseen. This would not be surprising as many a sensitive Pisces have seen dead people. Neptune, planet of enchantment, is your ruling planet. This sensitivity makes you privy to awareness of otherworldly energies, in fact you have the ability to feel everything below the surface. Expect this awareness to actually increase. In 2012 you will need to learn techniques to shield yourself from negativity to keep your own energy intact.

In 2012 Neptune is fusing energies with your Sun. This will have monumental effect on your world. Your intuitive knowing will increase exponentially, but this could be countered with a real confusion about what to do, as Neptune often conceals the truth until the changes are in motion. With Neptune touching your Sun you may find the boundaries between yourself and others non-existent. As it occurs in the home and family area of your chart it could be you are somehow leaking energy on the home front. Perhaps your family is demanding more than you have to give. Or it could be the home you live in is somehow steeling energy from you in a deceptive way-look for leaks in pipes or gas lines as this could be a more literal possibility.

When Neptune connects with one of your personal planets you have the ability to embody the collective dream. Artists often have this combination as all art forms are an expression of the society in which the artist lives. This 2012 year of Dragon you may find yourself expressing in a way that draws public recognition. Though this new status was conjured in your imagination earlier it is now manifesting in your reality. You many find you are torn between hiding your sensitive self away and stepping out in the limelight. Consider what you are doing is for the greater good and find an acceptable balance between your inner world and what the outside world is now requiring of you.

With Pluto, planet of evolutionary change in the area of self-worth in your chart, in 2012 you can expect a major change in your values, including how you value yourself. Pluto is rarely a good time, often causing us to face realities we would rather ignore. Being Pisces inclines you towards escapism, are you addicted to some distraction that keeps you from your greater good? Pluto is going to show you the error of your ways. Don’t be surprised if childhood issues start to surface that are at the root of your current desire to escape. Whatever your vice, you can guarantee it is sucking your energy and giving you nothing in return; be it food, shopping, gambling, TV, heroin or prescription meds. You can even be addicted to helping others who have no intention of ever helping themselves. It is time to take back your life force and channel it in to positive growth; own your power and move into the field of dreams manifesting- this is so much more rewarding long-term.

Saturn and Jupiter are opposing each other this 2012 year and that could cause a sense of being torn between expanding and contracting. Jupiter in the house of routines will urge you to add on, move up, think bigger- on the other hand, Saturn in your house of the collective unconscious might restrict you with nagging fear and negative thinking. Those negative thoughts are just the flip side of the positive aspects of Saturn, which is there to set up healthy boundaries and help you follow routines that will ground and support you. The more healthy decisions you make the less fearful you will feel: what motivation!

2012 will be highly successful for you Pisces. Much ground will be covered and deep level transformation will occur. Remember to develop healthy routines and to express yourself in new ways. Learn to set boundaries between yourself and anything that drains you of energy- gravitate to people, situations and places that bolster your energy authentically. A little discipline will bring great rewards in 2012- enjoy the strength you will gain from the effort you put forth.

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