Off the Rack ? Tailored ?

Whats Up peeps, its now Page 9 of 366 that is gonna trend all the way to 2012.

As I always say Pages wont get any interesting unless we rip it off and write your own, So I am not going to complain and will just keep reading till the time is right.So yeah, was talking on twitter with a couple of friends on clothes? what makes a man ? I say Watch.. do you agree?

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.– Mark Twain

I will say yes and no, some people have all the money in the world and they can buy all the Designer goods and yet look ugly, ok that is my next post, so yeah am talking about CLOTHES that drape our naked skin.  I do believe that people are attracted to well dressed people. Eloquent aside, Have seen ladies who dress very very well, gorgeous I tell you, hair pristine, nails manicured, designer bags, designer shoes and expensive mobile phone.. get this.. when the phone rang .. guess what happened !!

Yup, she spoke like a true AH LIAN !! ArO !! WAH, LATer WA Lang Ki Channel BUaY BaG Hor!! (english translation=hello, WOW, later shall we go to Chanel to buy bags) Yes Seen it in real life and there are plenty of them around I guess.

So do you buy your clothes off the rack ? I do buy mine off the rack but I got to tailor my pants as I have big thigh and a huge Ass, Am simple like that, Hugo B. usually have my size and they go really cheap when on sale, usually about $170 / piece as compared to original price of $360 – $480.

Friends are getting their top tailored and have seen their tailor  magnificent work recently at a friends wedding, pretty awesome I have to say, and its even cheaper costing about $100/pcs to get TAILORED. but is it worth the trouble going to get your size fitted, getting the buttons? I dont know, never tailored shirt before except for my suit from Men’s tradition, might try Dylan and Sartorial down at CBD Area, so far the fabric and cut on both my friends look awesome.  ok ok those guys went to the tailor cause they said they cant fit off the rack.

So where do you get your work tops done? bought off the rack or tailored made? that is the magic question..


2 responses

  1. I have been wearing tailored clothes/shirts/pants for the past one year. The differences is huge especially on the fitting. I got mine did in Bangkok which will typically cost about RM150/piece. You choose the style and mine are all french cuff with tappered end and up to the colar, you can choose what and how you like it.

    You will no longer have a sleeves too long for your hand, or a shirt too baggy for those slim waist. 🙂

    Tailored bro, Tailored.


    09/01/2012 at 4:32 pm

    • LOL ! how to go BKK, always no time, go there for walk walk see see no time for all this tailoring, wish I can, i heard those 24hrs tailor not very good, RM150 is alright wor. hows the material ? I bet its pretty good for that price eh.


      09/01/2012 at 5:17 pm

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