Chrissie Wellington leaving Ironman

Am a bit late on this but yeah, better late than never..

She was just a stranger in 13 October 2007 in the Ironman World, I remember watching it on video and there was no mention of her at the start..  but after crossing the line Jon Blais style aka The Blazeman Roll, the rest is History, and not after 4 years into Ironman this article was published on her blog.

16th January 2012 – London, UK:  Four time World Champion and World Ironman Distance Record Holder, Chrissie Wellington has announced that she’ll be taking a break from competing in Ironman during 2012 to explore other opportunities, including the forthcoming publication of her autobiography, A Life Without Limits.

This is taken from her blog as she mentioned that

“I’ve given absolutely everything to Ironman over the past five years. However, this year I’ve decided to take a break as I would like to spend more time focusing on other pursuits including dedicating more time to my chosen charities, the publication of my book and more active promotion of the sport in the UK, as well as giving myself the chance to explore and seize new opportunities within triathlon and outside. I feel that I wouldn’t be able to pursue all of these different goals whilst simultaneously dedicating the energy and time needed to compete in Ironman events and treat them with the respect and complete dedication they deserve.

The past five years have been absolutely incredible and I am extremely happy, proud and content with everything that I have achieved in the sport – topping it all off with the race of my life in Kona last year. I have always seen triathlon as a part of my life, rather than the be all and end all, and am looking forward to a little more variety and balance by pursuing other interests, as well as spending more time with my family and friends.

I am really excited about what the future holds and being able to spend more time around the sport without the commitment of full time ironman training and racing”.

I wish you all the best in your future career , not many would have done what you did in Ironman 2008. You set my mind that nothing is impossible when you had the flat on the 90km mark and was asking for help, you came back and still win the race against all the other pro’s not that is “DETERMINATION” and “FOCUS”

Ok I  have HAVE HAVE TO ADDanother picture of Chrissy cause she looks FREAKING AWESOME IN the BLACK TYR race suit !! DAMM !! WISH Chrissy will sign that particular POSTER for me,  I would definitely frame it up ! *but it will never happened so gotta dream*



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