Helmeting my Nogging

Not long ago I was looking for Aero helmets on the web, I was doing my research and everything on helmet, searching furiously on reviews, helmet pros and cons and what people think of aero helmets.

Hoping that it will make me go faster on the bike leg, my first choice was Giro Advantage,

And that was it, I had my mind on it and I was pretty much settled on the decision as many people had reviewed it, I told Benny about it and he told me Joe has gotten himself a Tardiz, I was like.. Tar what ? he said it’s by Lazer. Then I thought more options wouldn’t hurt me, then it all starts from square one again, read up on all what people could write and say about the Tardiz, looks pretty sweet. check out the colors


Guess what I didn’t get no A2, nor Tardiz .. simple reason of noggin fitting, Lazer didn’t fit me, M was too small, L was too big, Giro A2 fitted fine but the side flap cracking and putting it on was abit of trouble for me.. . I have gotten myself an Aero helmet dont think you can guess which one…  well after much inspiration from Malcom in the Middle episode I told myself that I got to get myself the helmet that he was wearing check it out, bet you would be the envy of KONA.

As I said I have gotten myself one already and I cant say that its bad nor good, just took it out for a spin and cant have much comment yet, will write a full review of it after 30 days, All I can say now is that it fits well and its WAY easier to put on than the other two.

Ride Safe and as I always say “NO HELMET NO RIDE”


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