Garmin FR60

This was the continuation of a conversation I had with Brother Stupe and VinAnn, sorry if you guys are lost in this post, lemme just explain from the start again

So, here’s how the story goes, I like gadget and I always have believed that training with a HR monitor is essential, I have always spoke of POLAR being the leader in this industry as they are the SME and Pioneers, I got bored with their design and decided to take a different twist, bought myself a FR60 before venturing into Garmin High End line.  It had everything I wanted, HR, Stride ,Distance and  Fitness program.

I had used it for about 1 month max if counting days of usage, then it went blank on me, luckily the customer care was just near my office, can’t imagine if it was further, rushed to get it fixed during lunch and to cut the story short the say they will take a look at it and call me back, OK! standard procedure I guess.. after a week no one called, Called back and demanded an answer, they said They will send the watch back to Taiwan for further investigation.  (Sheesh..what customer service, I said ok.. what else can I possible do? this is only after about a month.

About 4 weeks have passed, “I” called them again and they said its ready for collection  Note the word “I”, (customer service at best, NOT) went to pick it up, they said this and that happeend to the watch and they REPLACED me with a NEW ONE !!  Was esthetic with the gesture, brought it back and used it for a couple of time for about 2 weeks, come race day for Army Half Marathon, The stupid product died on me again, Mind you this is only 2 months or so after they have fixed it,  This time I was so pissed at the watch I left it at home in the darkest corner of my house, hoping it will realize what IT had done wrong and revive itself. sadly to say no, that did not happen.

Then again the whole story starts again,  brought it back to Garmin Customer care, said they will take another 4 weeks.. blah blah blah … WTF !! IF I WAS POOR and that watch was all my savings that I took to buy,  you tell me that I had to go for another 4 weeks for them to repair I can frankly say F U Garmin !! told myself if Garmin is not going to improve on their customer service, PLEASE GO GET POLAR or any other brand !!

#If any of you guys reading this are from GARMIN, I still have the watch and receipt to prove it! Maybe I am just bad luck receiving this faulty device TWICE!

Lemme know how you felt about your HR monitor guys.. really comments and feedback would be good !


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