Safe Cycling

Heard from a friend that another cyclist perished along the deathly roads of MRR2, I manage to find the article and this was the excerpt of it

A cyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident near Shell petrol station on the MRR2 in Hulu Kelang this morning.
The victim, 37-year-old Rafizi Hamdan died on the spot.This was the second fatal accident involving a cyclist

If you notice that I highlighted the word second, its cause the other person killed was a friend of mine P.K. Yeoh, we use to do rides together with his whole family, I’ve seen his son and wife with him usually at the LBS that we use to frequent. its really a sad thing  This was taken from Mac’s website if you would like to read, it a tribute to him Memories of PK Yeoh ,

I just notice that its been nearly a year already since his death ! Time really do flies..

This was taken from the Highway code book for drivers.

The New Highway Code Book 2, Advanced Theory of Driving, (Published in consultation with Traffic management, Land Transport Authority)

Cyclist ride on all types of roads excepts expressways. Bicycles are used for both transportation and recreation by people of all ages and sizes; you should expect to find them almost anywhere. Because they rode close to traffic, cyclists are vulnerable to injury in a collision. As a driver, it is your special responsibility to pay attention to them and to provide for their safety.

1. When sharing the road with cyclists, expect sudden moves on their part at all times. A patch of oil, a pothole, an opening door of a parked car and other hazards can force a cyclist to swerve suddenly into your path.

2. When approaching or passing a cyclist, give him/her ample space and be extra alert. Be prepared to slow down or stop. When a cyclist glances back, it is an indication that he/she may change direction anytime.

3. Look out for cyclists riding against the flow of traffic especially at residential areas.

4. Give even more room to cyclists when they are carrying a heavy weight or a pillion. This makes them unsteady and wobbly and they may ride into your path or even hit the side of your vehicle.

5. Just before turning:
i: Check your mirrors and blind spots.
ii. Watch out for cyclists between your vehicle and the kerb.
iii. Don’t make a sudden sharp turn, you may knock down a cyclist.

6. When overtaking, keep a safe gap between your vehicle and the cyclist. Don’t cut in sharply after overtaking the cyclist. This could result in your vehicle “side brushing” or hitting the cyclist.

7. After parking, look out for cyclists coming up from behind before opening your vehicle door.


I do hope there would be more safe cycling clinic conducted to raise the awareness of safe cycling in parts of the World.

Here are some good tips from the past safe cycling clinic rolled out in East Coast

1. Bicycle is considered a vehicle, you drive a bicycle.
2. Observe all traffic rules like any other road users on the roads.
3. Be competent and confident before hitting the road.
4. Know all traffic rules and road signs. Get a Basic Theory Book.
5. Know your skills, your ability, your health. Do not over estimate yourself.
6. Know your bike, it’s performance, it’s ability, it’s wear and tear.
7. Know your equipments, clothing, helmet, gloves, etc. their functions, performances, their life span, when to replace.
8. Know your route. Plan your route before you ride, know it’s traffic conditions.
9. Know your right of way but NEVER INSIST on it.
10. Be courteous and patience with other road users, share the roads.

The most important take home message is:




2 responses

  1. We lost a cycler here in Miami a few months ago in a similar hit and run accident. The driver eventually turned himself in. Really sucks. But you just have to be very vigilant and defensive when on the road with cars.


    29/03/2012 at 9:17 am

    • his conscious got the better of him, how could he have slept knowing he knocked down someone. Vigilant and Defensive we must !


      30/03/2012 at 11:09 am

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