Instragram for Android

For those Instagram user who had stop using their iOS phone, you would be glad to know that it is available for Android and it was released 5th April, well that was like 4 days ago, so no worries you are still not late in hoping to ride this wave of excitement  download.  As for me, I’ve signed up in line hoping to be one of the first, but hey I think that was just an April fools joke as they openly released it to the market for download, so much for exclusivity.

So what’s my take on the NEW Instagram app for Android ?  Here is my 2 cents worth

The Good

  • Filters are still there
  • Picture Editing are fairly much the same, so if you are transitioning from iOS to Android, pcs of cake
  •  Pinterest, Tumblr icon support. They have the little icons on the bottom so you can pin or tumblr it.


  • Slow down android
  • Batt sucker
  • Emoji icon support (Android can’t see iOS Emoji keyboard Icons)

  • Slow Update on followers feed
  • Always undetectable / Unable to connect to data connectivity
  • Same like iOS (nothing special / updated for Android) and the biggest BOO BOO
  • No tilt-shift effect for ANDROID !! yeah you heard me .. no TILT-SHIFT

The UGLY , ok I always wanted to use those 3 phrases in a review but it would only mean there will be 2 downside instead of one, So I will take ugly as my own feedback to ANDROID INSTAGRAM DEV TEAM .



  1. Please include a Square Ready function (App in iOS Where pictures which is too large will automatically corrected to fit in IG’S  frame.
  2. Signature app which can include our own name, nickname etc..etc..
  3. Include a WHOIS following back icon, this is to better manage our followers and following.


So for you who have not yet downloaded this WONDERFUL app for Android and would like to try your hands at Photography. Here is your chance, click on your Market and Download Away.  Add me if you like..


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