Sentosa Port Of Lost Wonders

Port Of Lost Wonders is the latest attraction by Sentosa and this event also marked the launch of Sentosa’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Port of Lost wonder is Singapore’s First Kids’ Club by the Beach designed to provide a unique family experience. Targeted at children aged 3 to 10 years old, the attraction houses a signature water play area, themed islets for picnics and leisure activities and distinctive retail and dining experiences. Together with a myriad of specially-designed activities aimed at satisfying wonder, curiosity and connection, it is here where families can come together to explore and discover new experiences and create unforgettable memories.

When you arrive, you have to visit this Curio Exchange to get some Curio coins .. so what do you do get to do with this coins ?

and then you walk to the entrance .. believe it or not, This entrance gate has a special meaning to it, I was standing from a distance and wondered to myself, Why is it design in a special way, Staff Kimberly Meagan explains why..

The entrance on the left is for Adults and the right is for kids, please note the size of the entrance.. This was made in such a way cause when the adult enters POLW they will become a kid, and when the Kid enters POLW they will “GROW” in excitement ! believe it or not, members have a special “SECRET ENTRANCE”

Port of Lost Wonders is really a kids heaven for the to release all those extra energy, they have much activity to go around, check out the board that shows the full day activity.

As for me, no I dont have any kids buy for myself, I did enjoy myself with the relaxing of the beach breeze and the beautiful setting of the POLW little island that is equipped with day beds placed on the ground. I truly enjoyed myself.

Them kids have all the fun, FOAM PARTY in the hot day !

So whats the admission price you ask me ? well check it out

and getting there is a breeze.. just follow the directions

Me and some of the wonderful staff at Port Of Lost Wonder

From Left to Right: Captain Francis, 1st mate Alvin, Lady Lisa, Prisoner Isaac, and Cannon Fodder Amir

I would say Sentosa’s had priced this just right and with the accessibility of the island and Singapore transport, I will definitely bring my kids here every weekend, as I am sure they will definitely have fun. Well that is if I have kids. Go check it out, I PROMISE you, your kids will not be disappointed, for more info visit Port Of Lost Wonders website.


3 responses

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  2. Betty

    Hi, fell in love with the place the minute I set my eyes on it……and I’m 56!!!! Just wondering, is there a family package I can purchase for my grand kids? Thanks


    25/05/2013 at 8:14 am

    • Hi Betty,

      Yeah tell me about it, I was so happy to be lying down on the fake grass patch and it was just like a mini escapism from Singapore, like an island on an island in and island (inception)

      I do believe you can purchase a yearly pass or some sort. Do check out their website which I have linked to.

      Have a great week.


      27/05/2013 at 9:40 am

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