“My Grandfather Road” #SaveStickerLady #SKL0

Yes, Limpeh meaning “My father”  in hokkien dialect, this was one of the many kewl works done by a so called artist going by the moniker skl0

I am sure many of you guys have seen the below stickers pasted on the traffic light where it says “Press to Teleport, Press to until SHIOK”    in Instagram. I my self featured the Teleport in Instagram but did not know who did it, I definitely found it amusing for her creativity and I am sure many people find it the same way.

well today all over the radio, there was this talk about it and she Suay Suay got caught for her deeds. Read it here as publish by Channel News Asia “My Grandfather Road Marking”

Granted it’s illegal – “The case is classified as Vandalism under Section 3 of the Vandalism Act, Chapter 341. A person who is convicted for the offence shall be punished with a fine not exceeding $2000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding to 3 years and shall be liable to caning.”

Looks like she will be charged for this offense.

to support SKL0 you can go here —> MICA

to get a Pic bagde click here ——> PicBadge

So anyway .. this is Singapore Government telling you guys “DONT PLAY PLAY” you don’t own the roads


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