Running Fact or Myth

There was this interesting quiz that tested our knowledge on Running Fact and Myth.  Just to imagine that an avid runner  like myself only earned the scored of  8 / 10. *hangs head in shame*

I should have gotten it all right. Here are the question posted and later you can even try for yourself and see how many you scored right

  1. You should always stretch before a run.

  2. If you run while it’s cold or raining, you’ll get sick.

  3. Runners should strength train, too.

  4. You need to break in those shoes.

  5. The more miles you run each week, the better.

  6. Sprinting at the end of a run is recommended.

  7. Muscle cramps while running can be a sign of low glucose.

  8. Runners need to be very flexible.

  9. A shorter stride can reduce shin splints

  10. You can take as many as five days off from running without affecting your fitness.

What do you think ? do you know the answer to all of them ?  I got 1st and the 7th wrong,Click here —-> Running Fact or Myth Quiz  to try out your running knowledge out  let me know how you fair.



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