Cycling Infographics that might interest you #cycling #facts

This is some good cycling infographics I am about to share..this infographic is brought to you by Atlanta Bicycle Coalition,

I always tell my friends, no matter how short your distance is just put on your helmet, its goes the same for cars right when you buckle up for safety? why do it for car but not for a bike.

Ride safe and always be aware of your surrounding.

From where I am (Singapore), cycling on the road is not that safe, cars gives you dirty stares, honking at you and worst still swerve into you lane.  It’s not all their fault I would say sometimes cause cyclist some times do hog the lanes by cycling abreast, dude you aint no Tour De France dont have to bike like you own the road, be kind share the road, every time a car stops for me, I will definitely give em a smile and a thank you wave.  Every time a car slows down to give way, I will always do the same. Practice  safe cycling and PRAY hard every time you hit the road.

I have yet to be angered to the extent of having the car as a target practice for my water bottle.. hope that wont come to light.

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