The Best Smoking Campaign you will ever see.

I did my final paper about  “No Smoking Campaign”   back in the years when I was studying for PR degree, I wanted to write something that was close to my heart, and boy did I went ballistic with the stats and numbers, I went all over government bodies, NGO and smokers/ non smokers the whole lot I tell you.

All I can say is that smokers are winning the war (Sigh) and people are just not worried about the effect of smoking and their health. I really hope that I can make a change in people’s life, no matter how slow it is but its at least one cigarette at a time,

Thankfully I come from a family that do not smoke and are very much a sports loving background family. Mom was a sprinter for her school days, Dad was a tennis player and  manages the State tournament Tennis events previously, my two sister were school representative for tennis and softball in their own division. I was playing tennis for my club division and I was a state cyclist. So I am pretty proud that we don’t smoke and are all pretty healthy

I hope people will change and I do believe that doing sports will curb your addiction to smoking, If you are a smoker, I totally respect your choice , but do you think its beneficial? gain anything?

Gonna share with you this advert that will really make you think! I do hope that the Health board around the World will follow suit, If you like this please do share with me. If your a smoker, please share with me what are the benefits that you get for lighting up?

Please I urge you, please think of your love one when you light up , or the one next to you. Here are some facts that I think you might like to know.

So what does a single cigarette contain ? check this little diagram

General facts about smoking

  1. Smoking kills. Smoking-related diseases kill one in 10 adults globally, or cause four million deaths. If the same rate continues, by 2030 smoking will kill one in six people. *Told you smokers are winning*
  2. About a third of the male adult global population smokes.
  3. Cigarette smoke contains 11 chemical compounds that are known to cause cancer. *This is just the smoke alone*
  4. Someone dies every eight seconds from tobacco use *SHIT IS SCARY*
  5. Every minute 10 million cigarettes are sold
  6. Among young teens (aged 13 to 15), about one in five smokes worldwide.
  7. Half of long-term smokers will die from tobacco. Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average – about the time taken to smoke it.
  8. Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death. It is a prime factor in heart disease, stroke and chronic lung disease. It can cause cancer of the lungs, larynx, oesophagus, mouth, and bladder, and contributes to cancer of the cervix, pancreas, and kidneys.
  9. More than 4,000 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals have been found in tobacco smoke.
  10. Cigarette smoke contains benzene, carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide and polonium 210.
  11. Tobacco is an addictive substance. Smokers who use other drugs such as heroin, methadone, amphetamines and barbiturates rate tobacco as their most addictive drug. *Addict*
  12. At least a quarter of all deaths from heart diseases and about three-quarters of world’s chronic bronchitis are related to smoking.
  13. A 1998 survey found that tobacco companies were among the top 10 advertisers in 18 out of 66 countries surveyed.
  14. Through advertising, tobacco firms try to link smoking with athletic prowess, sexual attractiveness, success, adult sophistication, adventure and self-fulfilment
  15. Evidence shows that around 50% of those who start smoking in adolescent years go on to smoke for 15 to 20 years.
  16. Peer-reviewed studies show teenagers are heavily influenced by tobacco advertising.
  17. The tobacco industry has changed the way it advertises in the last 30 years. Now, only 10% of advertising expenditure goes to print and outdoor advertisements, while more than half goes to promotional allowances and items, such as t-shirts for young people or lighters and key rings.

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    08/07/2012 at 1:53 pm

    • thanks for the reblogged.. Say no to smoking !


      12/07/2012 at 10:15 am

      • You’re most welcome.
        Oops I’m a smoker lol 🙂


        12/07/2012 at 12:47 pm

      • dont worry its ok if you are a smoker.. just trying to share in my blogpost that you can do without it .


        12/07/2012 at 1:34 pm

      • LOL 🙂


        12/07/2012 at 6:35 pm

  2. this is fantastic! Thanks for posting it. Very Powerful and profound. blessings and peace to you.


    09/07/2012 at 9:58 pm

    • I wish people will also change for the better. Thanks for visiting.



      09/07/2012 at 11:08 pm

  3. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I loved this article.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!


    23/07/2013 at 6:29 am

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