Entrepreneur at 20?? Far From it seriously..

Entrepreneur at 20? not that It can’t be done, there are plenty of teen success stories all over the papers and even 13 year old owning company that he built own his own. 13 years of age YO !  but this post that I am about to share please do judge for yourself if its True or False

I chanced upon a video on Youtube website as I was searching for drift cars, and it was about this young girl racing in a white Lambo against a white Skyline GTR  on some highway in America. What made me awed in amazement was the ridiculous amount of cars this guy had, in one of his YT posting, he posted himself driving a Land Rover over to a …. WAREHOUSE GARAGE?? what the hell ??  He was walking through the video showing off his pride and joy, two Skyline R35 GTR and two Lambo

That video surely got some tongues wagging with “What does he do for a living?” and yup that’s how it got me interested in finding out how he attain his wealth.

So what does he do for a living? I kept on clicking and digging deeper, wanting to find out on this great secret that he was sharing with the masses.

He sells ebooks to people online, and in that well crafted and very attractive website they sell their ebook, Oh wait .. I mentioned “their” (he had a partner and she is from OZ and a stunner too) yup they sell online books costing $99 a pop which is on discount now and going for $47. In this eBook, they share their great success and how to achieve it with their mindset and experience.

So as usual, with such wealth  there are always haters and believers. So guess which side of the fence I am on ? I am on neither, I just like to look for loop holes and misinformation on their website and links to seeing how things are being misrepresented. Boy.. have I found some

In her website she came out with a recent posting on Aug 29 with the title “THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT……..”  she even SHOWED OFF her Certificate of title from the State of Montana.  It is a purchase for a used 2004 Gallardo with 3o2oo km on the Odo

I know its too small to be seen, but do take note of her month of Purchase. if you can’t see its


The following picture is the clip of when Mr R.H posted the clip on his YT Channel on this big surprise

Take note of the YT posting date it was on the Apr 23 2012, and she posted her so beautiful COT by the State of Montana on her website.. Oh wait .. maybe the Department of Justice works really slow like issuing the COE two months after ( is that even allowed?)

Maybe that is how it works in America, but HELL NO you gonna be driving down the highway at breakneck speeds without even your car being issued to you, cause complications like Road Tax, Insurance.. etc..etc..

So on to the next Boo Boo that I noticed, I was reading up on this MR R.H profile all over, not only from his websites and other websites but also comments from his friends regarding his background. One of his friend mentioned that he used to drive an EVO back then.. and yada yada.. well its true as another website which did an interview with him clearly states that he drove EVO etc..etc.. in the past. Pic attached

He loved posting his newly acquired cars that he often gets one by one by stating he replaced em with what car and not.. but not sure why he didnt mention anything about a Cayenne Turbo like the website mentioned, unless they got his Land Rover that he drove over to his warehouse where he stock his cars wrongly.. but way .. he mentioned that he replaces his E90 with a Audi R8 in this YT postbelow

I dug even deeper by going through all his 127 videos on YT, he did have his STI posting but it was 5 years ago and the dates dont tally, His YT post also features the white Alpine M3 but it was a E46 and not the E90 as mentioned .

it was my inquisitiveness that led me to digging further, Prove it if I am wrong..

There is this website that reported them as RIPOFF you can read it here THE REPORT

PS: on another note, if they are that rich, why would you want to store you cars and gears in a location so far away?  Build a underground garage like the rich do, store all their cars and use em when they like instead of the need to drive what ? 1mile ? 2mile? who knows how far you drove to your warehouse.

I let you be the judge and let you be the detective as well, please do comment on what you think of my findings, I may just opened up a can of worms, but HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD WE CALL INTERNET!!


5 responses

  1. This is an awesome post ya brought to our notice! Damn, the way you have searched about it, I really find it authentic! I wonder how people can earn through internet considering it a money-making machine!
    Thank you for sharing!


    03/09/2012 at 7:04 pm

    • Lol.. just kept looking further and further .. read comments from everywhere. Lots of detective work but it was just for fun.

      I find their stories don’t stick. Anyway Glad you like that post.



      03/09/2012 at 10:10 pm

      • It was really an awesome post and you make heck of a detective, man 😉


        04/09/2012 at 2:50 am

      • Thank you for your kind words.



        04/09/2012 at 9:21 am

      • you’re always welcome 🙂


        04/09/2012 at 10:44 am

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