Nationals Tug of War

The Singapore Flyer grounds were abuzz with excitement as the National Tug-of- War Championship erupted with some pulsating action.

The world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, the Singapore Flyer was abuzz with loud cheers today as the National Tug-of-war Challenge saw some of the region’s top tuggers battling it out for top honours for the second year running.

Last year’s first runner-up Team Prisons Sports & Recreational Club of Singapore could not muster a strong enough effort to tug their way into the Finals which left the door open for the two invited teams from Polis Diraja Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam Team B to lock horns as the final two.

The team from Malaysia are the defending champions and showed just why they held that title when they defeated the in-form Bruneians in a mouthwatering clash that got the fans on their feet. Team Prisons Sports & Recreational Club of Singapore had to settle for third.


I can’t explain to you the  excitement I felt when I see them tug, it was like going to WAR, imagine this, athletes the size of football players or Rubgy players staring at each other like they are gonna kill each other (ok I made that up, maybe smiling to each other) but when the whistle blows, its all business.

The technique, the strength and the coordination was just superb. You just have to be there to feel the energy. Also this was a Tug of War is gonna be features in the SEA Games in the future. Oh I can’t wait.  KEEP TUGGING Guys !


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    17/09/2012 at 5:02 pm

  2. “To help tuggers cope with the pain of handling the rope, the team has adopted a buddy system in which the tugger encourages his team-mate in front of him during competitive pulls,” says Tan.


    18/09/2012 at 11:40 am

    • oh wow… didnt know that.. Thanks Tan



      18/09/2012 at 2:26 pm

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