Human Energy Belt for Recovery

Have you guys ever been injured? I am sure you have, unless you are Superman.. wait even Superman gets injured in his heroic pursuit for justice.

So what do one do when he or she is injured , you either practice R.I.C.E. which stands for

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

but what happens if all RICE fails us? well surely we would want a speedy recovery and look for contraption that can speed up our recovery. I found this ENERGY BELT while visiting my dad’s house and he told me he got it from this lady hawking in the streets which promises him that it will heal ailment like muscle tightness, backache.. etc..etc..

I am not sure whats written on the belt, hope you guys can tell me whats written on it. The belt is made of Lycra and is stretchable


It has this tag with the brand Telaisi, looks like the only thing I could find about this brand is that they make recovery bands like for ankle straps and wrist straps but none of this model that I hold in my hand.



In this recovery strap there is something inside which my dad wouldn’t allow me to cut it up. It feels like six flat pebble spaced within each other inside the belt. You cant really see it in the picture below.



So what happens here is that you strap it on your back and ensure that you placed the so called pebble on the place where you want to recover.  This belt does not need battery or any external energy source, pretty cool the way I see it, cause all you need is your own body energy,

I am suspecting its got something o do with the stones within. So here was my conversation with Dad.

Me: Hey Dad, whats this ?

Dad: Oh some recovery belt I bought off the street, Pretty useful as it helps one recover from muscle ache and yeah I used it before

Me: You sure this works? (being skeptical always with China made stuff)

Dad: Sure it works, GO GO .. put it on

Me: *looking at dad Grins while I put the belt on* (at the back of my head I know something is not right)

Dad: Ok, strap it on, leave it for 15 mins or till you feel the belt emits heat

Me: Sure, ok .. will do and I went to sleep…

After 15min, I really did felt the heat being emitted from my own body. You know how people say heat helps recover pain
. OH BOY HOW WRONG I WAS, this heat ain’t good heat, it was kinda like skin biting heat and no it does not aid recovery. Then I turned looking at Dad.. This was how I look like really

Dad: don’t worry, the heat will wear off in about 30 min or so.

Me: But its like burning my skin… (so waited 30mins)

Guess what, the heat never went off till 6 or 7 hours or so. It was just excruciating skin biting experience which I don’t recommend to you guys.  I don’t think I would want to try it again EVER, as they say once bitten twice shy.

Not sure if you have one lying around your house, if you do let me know your feedback on this evil device..

Isaac 2cents Worth:

ProNo battery needed , stretchable to many sizes , If you like the feel of being bitten by fire ants this has the same effect.

Conyes, FIRE ANT biting effect.  Effect worn off only hours later

Anyway, hope you have a Burning Wednesday, two more days to the WEEKEND


2 responses

  1. The chinese words stands for “Self-Heating Waist Protection” belt. I am guessing the pebbles are some chemicals which heats up when stretched or compressed. Ever seen those liquid heat packs in China where you press and then it hardens and becomes hot right away? Same concept as those heat packs you use for winter I guess… The funny thing about eastern and western recovery concept… Chinese practitioners always believe that heat dissipates the “clogging” and improves blood circulation while Western medication involves reduction of inflammation through cooling it.. So which is right? I tend to believe more in the cooling method.


    21/09/2012 at 3:17 am

    • The pebbles doesn’t stretch,the way it works is that when you wrap it over the area of injury, it will heat it self using your own body energy elements,

      After which you will feel a sharp heat over that area which is suppose to soothe your pain, I felt otherwise.

      I believe in Western and Chinese medical, but ultimately its what you want to believe in, yes no ?



      21/09/2012 at 8:49 am

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