Nespresso 2% Exclusive

It was a night of exclusivity for Nespresso on that Friday, exclusive invite-only soiree for many celebrities and selected people. It’s not called the Nespresso 2% for no reason. Every Nespresso loving fan would have killed to have themselves invited for this event. It was a night of letting your hair loose and have unlimited coffee and delectable finger food.

Venue for the Nespresso 2% event was held at this quaint gallery hidden away on 28th Fevrier at Jalan Kilang, There was even a valet waiting to park your car when you arrive. All I can say is that it is only befitting for such an event like this.

They had this cute little game where you need to stack the capsules together to win a prize, I tried and I was the winner of this (NOT) I only manage a measly 3 stacked .. Su had like nine stacked .. I heard the REAL winner had 13 capsuled stacked back to back. Well I am sure he already had like 4 cups of espresso before his attempt

Food .. glorious food, ok don’t be drooling on your keyboard now

What really was cute was that they had built two counters with raw ingredients like Chocolate, pineapple bits, vanilla, rose essence, and the Nespresso Citiz machine standing by for you to make your coffee concoction, Cute barista was stationed to assist while you browse for all the Nespresso recipe on the screen available. Elysia choose the Ice Caramel Coffee with Caramel Drizzle. Taste like a Ice Caramel Machiato  but with deeper coffee essence (just the way  I like it)

for more delicious recipes you can always Nespresso

Vodka laced coffee.. or was it the other way round, for me to know for you to find out.

Nespressotini check out the video of how Mark prepares the Nespressotini

#slaphead I just realized that in the end of the video I can’t even remember the name of drink Mark was preparing which was  Nespresso Martini after Seven One glass.  Coffee and Alcohol are not meant to be paired together since I am a Nespress coffee and Absolut Vodka lover.

I swear I was only drinking coffee (That is all)

Jack and Rai party with us at the Nespresso event. would like to Thank Nespresso for providing this opportunity for having me at this wonderful event

This 2% was just the start of something even bigger, for more information do visit


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