HomeTeamNS New Balance Real Run 2012 Review

90% Mental 100% Real… oh it was REAL alright, 21st Oct marks the date for the Home Team NS RealRun.

The weather was forgiving and there was a slight drizzle and cloudy overcast for a couple of hours

The road closure starts at 6am from Changi road and if you didnt know it was a 3km walk from the nearest carpark , or from from where I have parked, even with a media vehicle pass, I was barred from going in (I didnt see a problem as I am not the masses and it was only going to be one vehicle going in and it does not disrupt the race)  So walk I did.. rules are rules

The long walk in …if you notice the lamp post in the pic it was the long stretch in to the Start point.

While I was walking in , 21k top leading runner was on the run on the opposite side.

While walking in also I saw Shan running his 21k with a very good pace …

and after 20mins, I was still walking .. if you notice the amount of runners heading to the start matches the amount of runners coming out, It was due to the organisers stopped the shuttle bus service from 6.15am already.. BAD BAD BAD Organizing .. I was hoping to catch the shuttle bus while walking in but really no luck.  (There is a reason why Sundown organizers moved out from this place) cause runners who come after road closure have to walked all the way in. .. and then OUT !

While walking in, I could hear all the boo-boos of the organisers this year, what is happening guys ? Last year was alright .. but you sure did SCREWD UP your system this time.

Heard something about extension of the race pack collection (people not being notified) that is why they have extension for those that have not collected their racepack. (Get your act together guys)

Let’s Make Excellent Happen (New Balance) There was a small expo going on where New Balance showcase their shoes and even have a photo competition all you have to do is go into Instagram and tag your photo #NewBalanceSG (my submission is the one below)

The Race started on time for both category (very prompt I have to say) . The mood created by the DJ and the emcee was very good as music was blasting and pumping the atmosphere this morning. Runners was all PSYched up with GANGNAM style playing as well.

Pretty much a strong crowd as always for Real Run as there are many runners that would love to transition to trail but still wondering if they should. I say DO IT !!

Anyway check out the below video if today winning runner.

Video of the Winning Runner crossing the Line

Winner of 21k

Check out the winner of the 21k for this year, He did the run in only 1hr, truly that is an insane speed.. if you notice the video below, the clocked changed to 7mins, something sure did went crazy.. I also heard many problems with the 10k timing.

The following video is the previous year winner, which won the event at a time of 1hr 08min, This new winner BLEW him by 8 mins

Saw a couple of friends along the way.

Anica and Mag (hubbie was running his first 10k)

Zu and Jun (A couple runs together stays together)

J aka GrannyFartB0X  and gang

Ed and Gis (Another lovely couple team)

As for me I have me and myself to run with.. #Foreveralone

Oh not forgetting the REAL RUN MEDAL

So before I head off, here is my 2cent worth of Home TeamNS New Balance Real Run 2012


  1. The water point was adequate ( Despite no cheering squad the water boys was high spirited, THANK YOU GUYS)
  2. The new route was great
  3. Medal was pretty impressive (Keep up the good work guys)


  1. Water ponding along the route (can’t be help as there was heavy rain the day before)
  2. Medal and finisher T collection was brought out of the hall and into open.
  3. Shuttle Bus system was not adequate and timing should be fix to later
  4. Heard from J, that there was a time keeping problem (I can’t confirm on this) but I am sure the time clock screwed up, just check my video till the end.

Till then … enjoy your races everyone. See you at the next race

As I always say “Train Hard, Race Harder”


5 responses

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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Isaac! Reading your post makes me feel like going back to writing my race journals which I used to do… 🙂 I agree that there seemed to be a glitch with the time clock… hope that the organizer will do something about it before announcing possibly inaccurate results that can give rise to public unhappiness. The biggest difficulty of the race is having to get there so early because of the road closure… and having to wait for quite a while before being able to leave the venue… apart from this, running on sand in a race is a very refreshing experience! 🙂


    22/10/2012 at 7:12 pm

    • Hi Conz, thanks for your feedback, I believe you have also finished the race in good timing, and I hope I have inspired you to regain momentum in writing your race journals again. This blog was revived as well cause of work commitment.

      I hope to reach to the organizers about the pain staking walk in to the start line and with you sharing your experience would gain valuable insight as you are another participants for the REAL RUN.

      I hope you do trails, I am recovering from my injury and it has since been two months, Do join me every Sunday for trail run in Macrithcie once I recover.

      “Train Hard, Race Harder”


      22/10/2012 at 8:22 pm

  3. Love the race recaps, grin the whole way through. Got my first 5k this week, hope it only takes the time of the fastest runner listed above!!! I will be happy with an hour.


    23/10/2012 at 3:48 am

    • We all start some where Chatter, I weight over 80kg previously and i took it a step at a time, finishing a 5k run to me was like going through hell and back.

      You will do good my friend. as I say always “Train Hard, Race Harder”


      23/10/2012 at 9:32 am

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