Press Release: Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) Cross Country

SAA running season kick starts with cross-country event


Close to 500 runners braved the weather to take part in the 62nd SAA Cross Country Championships

SINGAPORE, January 2013 – The 62nd edition of the Singapore Athletics Association (SAA) Cross Country Championships was held this morning at Bedok Reservoir. 460 participants braved the torrential rain to run the gravel track around the reservoir.

With a 40-minute delay due to the heavy rain the women took to the track first. Whilst some entrants stayed away because of the rain, 193 women from all categories competed in the 4.3km cross-country run.  Both River Valley High School and Raffles Institution were out in force in the Girls and Women U20 categories. Raffles Institution dominated the Women’s U20 event taking the top three spots.

In the Open category Swift Athletes Association showed their pedigree and took the top two places. Jenny Kristina Lundgen rocketed across the finish line in a time of 16min 08secs. In the Women Masters, sole entrant Poo Kwee Eng said that “a few entrants stayed away because of the rain but I really enjoyed running today especially in the rain. I am really happy with my time of 20min 14secs in spite of the conditions.”

General Manager James Wong was on hand at the finish line to hand the participants their finisher medals. Wong cheerfully congratulated the finishers and said, “it’s quite nice to run in the rain. At least it is nice and cool and the runners will not over heat!”

For the Men’s category a small crowd gathered at the finished line to cheer the men on as they passed on their first lap of the 5km course. Once again Raffles Institution dominated the Boy U18 and Men U20 categories, narrowly missing out on clean sweep across the two.

In the Men Open Soh Rui Yong crossed the line in 16min 10secs. Soh said after his run that “it was tough to run at times, the conditions were swamp like in areas which effected my time. But the cool weather balanced out the conditions which was good.” Representing the National University of Singapore, the team came second in the team standings Soh said, “that we tried to win the Men’s Open as we have no won this before but we will come back next year to try again.”

Chairman for Cross Country and Road Events, Mr. Ghana Segaran was on hand to offer commentary throughout the event. He said that “despite the rain, spirits were high and we went ahead with the event as it would be a shame to cancel it. We made this year a bit different and gave everyone a finishers medal as a token of appreciation.”


Girls U15

First:                   Jasmin Heber Percy:     19min 08secs

Second:             Isabelle Wang:                 19min 16secs                     River Valley High School

Third:                  Celeste Goh Jia Rui:       20min 11secs                     Singapore Sports School


Girls U18

First:                   Anastasia Filimontseva:  18min 02secs     Fabian William Coaching Concepts

Second:             Jillian See:                          18min 19secs                     Chung Cheng High School

Third:                  Valarie Lai:                       18min 27secs                     River Valley High School


Women U20

First:                 Jolene Quek Qian Ying:    18min 07secs                     Raffles Institution

Second:             Tan Wan Xin:                     18min 31secs                     Raffles Institution

Third:                Adeline Bee:                     18min 49secs                     Raffles Institution


Women Open

First:                   Jenny Kristina Lundgen:               16min 08secs                     Swift Athletes Association

Second:             Mok Ying Rong:                                17min 19secs                     Swift Athletes Association

Third:                  Qua Biqi:                                         17min 25secs                     National University of Singapore


Women Masters

First:                   Poo Kwee Eng:                  20min 14secs                     MR25


Boys U15

First:                   Louis Shia Wei Jie:          18min 51secs                     North Vista Secondary School

Second:             Issac Tan:                             19min 04secs                     Anglo-Chinese School

Third:                  Aaron Shane Tan:            19min 12secs                     Singapore Sports School


Boys U18

First:                   Leroi Lee Rong Zu:           17min 41secs                     Nan Hua High School

Second:             Shohib Marican                 17min 45secs                     Raffles Institution

Third:                  Mohamed Imran:            17min 49secs                     Raffles Institution


Men U20

First:                   Bryan Yong Ren Wei:     17min 30secs                     Raffles Institution

Second:             Heng Yu Jie                        17min 32secs                     Raffles Institution

Third:                  Lim Jia De                        17min 40secs                     Raffles Instituion


Men Open

First:                   Soh Rui Yong                     16min 10secs                     National University of Singapore

Second:             T. Harrishankar                 16min 36secs                     Swift Athletes Association

Third:                  Karthic Harish                   16min 49secs                     Swift Athletes Association


Men Masters

First:                   Al Yeoh                                                18min 55secs                     MR25

Second:             Chin Koon Ruey                                19min 34secs    

Third:                  Chia Hock Kiang                               19min 59secs                     MR25


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