2013’s year of the Water Snake (Gui Si)

Last year I posted predictions of the Chinese zodiacs for the year of the Dragon, one of my readers or whom I am following as well had posted the predictions for the Year of the Snake and I realized that I have not done so.  If you would like to see Sydney’s blog , please click here for his post on the Chinese Zodiac  Sydney’s Blog his prediction could differ from what I am posting here as I went to many sites to check on the accuracy of these zodiac’s anyway, of course all differs but intertwine with each other.   Click here if you wanted to read the Dragon year post that I did  if you are curious (Dragon Year Prediction)

What amazes me is that, what I read on Sydney’s blogpost on my Zodiac was “TRUE” and its already 3 weeks since we usher in the New Year.  I am not  kidding it amazes was that it hit me like a book to the face on the first mentions on my career.  When I was a little kid I use to read on zodiac everyday before I leave for school on my daily news paper, its more like a fun way to perk up my days in school.

This year in February the Chinese will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and this year will be the year of the water Snake (Gui Si) ok don’t ask me how to pronounce that cause I don’t speak chinese, but before you go further you need to know what Zodiac are you in , taken this from Sydney’s blog to make things easier for you guys to determine which zodiac form you belong to.   Pretty simple to use. Look for your birth year or if you like your age then look for the animal signs that you belong in then read the predictions and outcome that is in store for you this 2013 below.

twelve animal year chart 01

The year of the Water Snake will be from February 10, 2013 to January 30 2014, please guys take this with a pinch of salt ok, but if the readings and your stars are aligned then I am happy for you anyway its just a General forecast for you to refer to.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

General sign forecasts for 2013

The Talkative Rat/Mouse
A secretive, perhaps even cloistered year could be in store for captivating Rats. As masters of the hidden world of imagination, this will be a good year for those of this sign to settle in and write that novel. Delve into your books as reading is exercise for the Rats keen mind. A good year to take examinations and to obtain licenses. Make use of your attention to detail and downplay any aggressiveness or materialism. Intelligent Rats could encounter some financial ‘snarls’ in Snake years, so best to hold off on starting any new businesses this year. Romantic encounters are pleasurable, but not a strong urge for marriage. Keep your assets under wraps to discourage envy or theft.

The Enduring Ox
Although they remain hardworking, this Snake year brings serious Oxen a respite and some time to catch-up. The Ox and Snake are the best of friends, and the slower pace of this next year suits the traditional Ox well. The only bump in the road may be some family problems of authority, triggering that slow-brewing Ox temper. Avoid excessive authoritarianism and practice tolerance with those who may not share your opinions and values. While 2013 looks like a four star year for Oxen, avoid becoming involved in any sticky legal matters which could bruise you financially. Oxen share their gift of responsibility and stability this year and may find themselves counseling senseless friends drowning in love scandals.

The Sublime Tiger
Active Tigers could find this Snake year slow and tedious at times. Mister Tiger could even decide to stalk off to make a memoir or biography. Use extreme caution to prevent a love affair from turning into an embarrassment or scandal. The Snake won’t give the applause seeking Tiger either the attention or the respect they desire. Use this year to recharge and look inward rather than outward. Tigers involved in the entertainment industry thrive in Snake years, and lady Tigers in particular are favored. Tenacious Tigers must also beware of haste, which could send them back to square one in a Snake year. From September through the end of 2013, luck, life and love prove much more favorable, and From October 2013 through Jan 2014 Fate looks absolutely fabulous!

The Detached Rabbit/Cat
An exceptional year for peace-loving Rabbits. Traveling for business could figure prominently as could a career change which improves finances. Calm philosophizing, good friends, and boundless creativity characterize this Snake year for the Rabbit. Your nature, which hates extremes, will appreciate the lack of domestic problems this next year and you should be able to talk out any problems. Many Rabbit/cats choose to remain single for life, and this year you may be even less interested, than usual, in settling down with one partner. New seductions and fleshly attractions could be on your agenda. A lucky and auspicious year for investing and speculation especially from August 2013 through January 2014.

The Outspoken Dragon
Snake years are satisfying and mellow ones for vital Dragons. While your world remains as unpredictable as ever, life’s pace slows down in 2013 and you may discover your ‘visionary’ side. The Snake year brings out the Dragons best role – that of foreseer and idealist. Be sure to listen to all sides of an issue before passing judgment, and remember that there is no need to say everything which comes to mind. The slower pace of this next Snake year could bring a dash of boredom or inactivity as well. Lady Dragons could feel love distant during the spring of 2013 and feel as if a partner is inaccessible. A year of passion and romantic atmosphere which Dragons find quite pleasing. Lucky Dragons continue to win successes and land on their feet.

The Philosophical Snake
2013 will be your own year, and a memorable one! High, highs and low, lows tend to occur during one’s own sign transit. Sensual Snakes charm love interests like never before, and may experience many love-stories this next year. Feb through April could be stormy for the Snakes health, and caution is also advised in all matters during one’s own natal year. Your combination of physical beauty and wisdom is intoxicating to others this year, but it will be important to avoid extremes. The lunar climate could also bring out some Snake jealousy, possessiveness or distrust toward a spouse or mate. Love is a question of trust, but “love at first sight” is not advised this year. Lady Snakes, could risk being seduced by beautiful words or a smooth tongue.

The Expressive Horse
A crazy yet exciting year for love. Many infatuations are possible for active Horses. Decision making and the opening of new doors await freedom-loving Horses in 2013. The Horse “Wu” means Noon, representing the heat and optimism of midday. This brings Horses into harmony with the warmth-seeking Snake. An improvement in your professional situation could make you smile, and those who work with the public or a large corporation could see promotion or increase in pay. Horses must be cautious of their health during the first half of 2013. Meditation, spiritual reflection and an emotionally healthy environment are a must for your optimum health this year. Participate in a favorite sport and seek enjoyable ways to relieve stress.

The Artistic Goat
The sensitive Snake brings a much better year for artistic and creative Goats. Travel for business is indicated, as are new challenges. Financially, like the phoenix, Goats rise back to their former status, but expenses could continue to drain cash flow. This Snake year brings much business traveling which produces important profits. Guard valuables and luggage while traveling to prevent loss. New and influential people figure strongly this next year and social contacts could brew up romantic chemistry. It takes some impressive credentials to land the love of the Goat, but a convincing Horse, a well-mannered Rabbit/Cat or a sincere Pig could make this an exciting year.

The Irrepressible Monkey
The Monkey and the Snake are soul mates. This brings a great year for mischievous Monkeys who are blessed to see life as a comedy rather than a tragedy. Your sunny personality drives away pessimism and any Snake year melancholy. A good year to read and to study the great philosophers. Your clever mind is stimulated by the wise Snake and you may find yourself thinking more often upon the spiritual and mufti sensory world. Monkeys quick-wit and sense of humor secures success in 2013 and your influential manner with others gets noticed. Run, don’t walk from any hint of infidelity, as you could be tempted. Daily physical exercise is a must for physical health during this sedentary and languishing year. Many benefactors appear to help the Monkey this year. In business, large contracts could be seen.

The Industrious Rooster
The Roosters’ stylish appearance enters center stage this coming year. Modeling, photography, and an odd “reverse aging process” could await enchanting Roosters. Marital or family difficulties could also be a possibility during this Snake year. Avoid personal disagreements and be tactful verbally to avoid confrontations which are only counterproductive. This year working with a peaceful mind is the key to happiness. Let events unfold as they were meant to develop and let your wise friend, the Snake, pamper you. A trip, journey, or move could be the key to solving job related concerns as could a change in family structure.

The Watchful Dog
Most Dogs will be more than glad to boot this past Dragon year out the door! 2013 finds Dog natives recuperating and bouncing back. An auspicious year as philosophizing suits the deeply spiritual Dog well. This Snake year promises to provide a mental oasis for your anxious heart. Loyalty as well as skepticism still figure prominently, yet worry and pessimism is replaced by earthy sexuality and elegant pleasures. Continue to find your own happiness through improving the fate of others. A passive/aggressive year when Dog natives alternate between the activity of a cause, and boredom or inactivity. Love throws its bolts, and love at first sight could happen when you least expect it.

The Resigned Pig
Career success is indicated in 2013, and the shrewd marketing of a product or project could change the course of your financial future. However these gains do not come easily, and require much diligence and possibly travel. Your decent and honest character could be sorely tested by the stealth and covert Snake. A possible turbulent and stormy year for romance. The patient and tolerant Pig could possibly experience deceptions in love. Lack of imagination or routine could be responsible and are the worst enemies of love. If insomnia or agitated sleep are troublesome, remember that making love is a healthy sleep remedy for sensual Pigs. Caution April through July regarding litigation.

I have taken the forecast from Shelly Wu websites which is called http://www.chineseastrology.com  If you like to know more in-depth maybe you can visit her website.

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