Have a Sporty Valentine

Valentine is just 10 days away and this is the time of the year the florist will turn to Pirates and charges $10 / stalk of rose, if that is not pointing a gun to consumers head then what is?  Poor guys spending dumb money on roses on Valentines day and teddy bears. Why not 5 Romantic Sporty Valentine ways you can spend your time with your loved one.

1. Picnic

Bring a Frisbee or a soccer ball, A picnic is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is pack some of your favourite foods and maybe try something new to create a special memory with your loved ones this year.

2. Biking trail

Do visit the East Coast or the West Coast park for some evening night ride, rent a bike or two (tandem) and serenade  her with your love while coasting to the windy breezes of the Park

3. Roller Skating

If you are those that has been wanting to hold your girls/guys hand but have not pluck up the courage, this is the best sport for your to do it, but make sure one of you is good at it before you start roller skating,  cause falling on your bum every inch is not gonna be a fun date for you guys unless you think spending time in the Hospital treating for bruise and cut is also a romantic venue.

4. Kite Flying

Bring champagne and fruits over to Marina Barrage and fly them kites, proclaim your love by flying the highest one there, or better yet why don’t you guys make your own kite as a per-activity at home and bring it over. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful (I suggest you guys to make a Heart Shape Kite) if you ever do post it on my blog.

5. Star Gazing

Ok, not all are sports, I am not all crazy of it as well, drive your girl/guy up to Mt Faber or maybe just to Sentosa and lie down on the beach, look at the stars and talking all lovey dovey hugy snugy ! ok that last bit was a bit too much. Hey can’t blame me for wanting some.

I wonder if there are any other sporting events that a couple can do together…  have a Fabulous Valentine guys !


2 responses

  1. I’m thinking of going snow-shoeing and packing a nice lunch. There might be a bit of sappy lovey dovey talk as well. 😀


    04/02/2013 at 11:25 am

    • I am liking it already.. imagine all the body warming you can do. Have a lovely one.


      04/02/2013 at 11:34 am

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